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  • Displaying "L" plates

    Hi all.

    1) Thanks for allowing us to be part of the group.

    2) My wife is taking over my CB125E and learning to ride. The current rules, as per the DoT website says that learners must correctly display "L" plates. We have noted driving schools do not fit "L" plates to their bikes, but rather have "L" yellow vests. Is this legal for non-driving schools as well, or we do we need to attach some "L" plates with fencing wire to the 125? (She already has a bright reflective yellow vest, and thinking of using black Gorilla tape to make an "L" on it. Stands out a lot better than the little "L" plate hanging of the rego plate.

    Have a great day

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    As long as you have the l displayed, i think this is all that is needed, if you wanted you could get a plastic l plate and zip tie the corners to the vest.


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      I dont know for sure but would suspect the 'vests' meet the required criteria as set by the relevant authority....main roads?.. where as one made up by an individual would not.
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        Just get a yellow hi-vis vest and make an L out of two pieces of black gaffa tape.
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          As long as it's a black "L" on a yellow background within a square measuring no less than 110cm x 110cm it's legal from memory . The details are in the learnerd handbook to be sure


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            Thanks all for your advice. We have decided to go a 50/50 each way bet, and do both! The main reason for doing both, is that the front "L" plate is not all that visible through the front windscreen, due to a light tinting. And there is no where else to hang it! So "L" plates now mounted on the bike, and an L on the yellow vest. Best of both worlds.

            thanks again,

            See you all out there!