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    Originally posted by somebodyelse View Post
    here are a few places that do stock older/cheaper bikes of the type that privately may fall into your range.
    All bikes in north perth
    The motorcycle pit stop in mt lawly (maybe? their stock can be small)
    Cannington motorcycles
    And theres a 2nd hand bike shop whos name i dont know opposite the vic park hotel
    MC Pistop - last time I was there Craig was saying he no longer sold Bikes....just Servicing, tyres. some riding gear.
    Opposite Vic park hotel - In City motorcycles....groan, be careful with this shop.

    haven't been to the others on your list.


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      gpx is a good little bike. i had one i tested and bought on my Ls. the seller had no issue with it.

      in the 4 years i owned it i ot my licence on it. i put new rubber on it as the old stuff was from 2003. done oil changes. put fuel in it and had fun. also used it to teach my mrs to ride and pass her test on it too.

      the gpx 250 zzr 250 and ninja 250 all run the EX250 motor. so all pretty much same same.

      purchase and sale price was well under 1k.
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        Thanks for all the response so far

        My lessons have really allowed me to see what those of us driving in cars are missing. I'm always careful to watch everyone else on the road, my trainer says my roadcraft is good. But the feeling on a bike .... It's like I'm smiling the whole way through my lessons lol.

        I'll try to save a bit more and aim for $3k but if I cannot reach it, the suggestions here will at least point me in the right direction. Unfortunately my deadline for saving and getting a bike is end of June so I'll see how much I can come up with !
        Always happy to hear more
        I told my daughter I am going for my bike license. She told me not to die....
        -- Got my licence. Now she's proud of me


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          That feeling only gets better
          The real learning curve starts in the first year of riding and everything Kristy said is right.

          Gumtree showing quite a few bikes in your quoted price range...first 2 bikes I bought were a private sale.
          just need someone with experience to check the bike over is all.

          Also, You need to allow for riding gear in your budget...Buy helmet new.
          Jacket,gloves etc ...used is fine.

          welcome to motorbikes.


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            Step 1. Use the instructors bike to pass your test
            Step 2. Test ride as many bikes as your heart desires with your shiny new license in hand
            Step 3. Buy the one you like the most
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            Why be a cunt about it?


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              maybe a 2010-2012 CBR 250R w/o ABS for $1.7-2.3k is what I've seen around gumtree on average with <20kms

              Originally posted by Wahoo View Post
              Basically, I think your options are very limited at that price as nobody is going to give away a decent bike. If you do get one, it would be unlikely it would be up to standard and you will probably be up for extra costs to bring it up to standard. Choose carefully.


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                Thanks all !

                I'm going to aim for between $2k - $3k now and see if I can pickup a newer bike with less Kms. Sticking with Kawasaki, Honda or Suzuki. The trainers bike like Commander Keen says until I get my licence and then I can test ride whatever until I find one I like.
                I told my daughter I am going for my bike license. She told me not to die....
                -- Got my licence. Now she's proud of me


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                    Firstly welcome to PSB,

                    You posed so many questions an I'll endeavour to answer as many as I can hopefully manage in helpful manner as possible.

                    While you are still on your learners you'll struggle for anyone to let you take their bike on a test ride, regardless of whether they shadow you or not. For anyone else reading along check you insurance policy, as I'm pretty sure none will cover a bike being ridden for the purpose of a sale. As such your best bet is have a friend who knows bikes that can advise you on your best options available.

                    If you're looking at GPX/ZZR250 they are "basically" the same bike. The GPX is slightly lighter, and has less fairings that can damage in the event of an off.

                    Speaking of...
                    Originally posted by Jussie3au View Post
                    I'm only looking to buy a cheap 2nd hand bike to start as I'll probably drop it at some point, and I'd really rather save the money towards a big bike in a couple of years.
                    Get that line of thinking out of your head. You should be doing everything in your power to avoid dropping your bike. If you believe you will crash, you will. From day one of my learners, to through my 250 phase, to unlimited license and also to racing, I never expected myself to have a crash. Crashing only hurts the body and the wallet and you learn nothing from it except how much it hurts and costs.
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                      Dropping, distinct from crashing. Dropping to me means dropping from low speed maneouvres or doing the whole front brake grabby grab stab stab at very low speed. I never thought it was inevitable i'd crash. I have, but that's besides the point 😃


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                        Agree with much of what has been said. Use the instructors bike to get your licence then go shopping.


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                          Thanks for the replies !!

                          I never think about crashing or being in an accident while riding. I’m just thinking realistically that at some point I may hi some loose gravel around a corner or something and maybe drop the bike.

                          But the advice i’ve Been getting has been great and i’m Taking it all in. Always good to have info.
                          I told my daughter I am going for my bike license. She told me not to die....
                          -- Got my licence. Now she's proud of me