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  • Shadow Belmont area

    Hi !

    Anyone around Belmont available to shadow me sometime ? I have a honda CBF 250 and I am a shift worker so my availability are flexible. I will buy you a drink on the way

    Thank you

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    Hi Mathildd.
    How much experience have you had so far in terms of:
    Zero to one or three lessons spent mostly on backstreets and in carparks.
    Enough lessons just waiting for test date to arrive and wanting to practice/ride a certain route.
    Or have passed test and want to do their logbooks legitimately (sniggers) while enjoying different routes.

    I'm happy to spare a couple of hours here and there on any of the above, but I'm better suited to the latter two experience fields where I'm just working on refining things already learned and building traffic management skills and keeping dickhead drivers from harassing L platers.

    Also I don't do shadow rides with GoPros (attached to any bike or rider) and comm-link radio devices.

    PM if you want to have a shadow Wed 20/2 or Sun 24/2 either is a day off so any reasonable time outside of rush hour on Wed that suits you.
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      Mathildd has been out on an LNR and other rides with the ladies and can ride


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        Well then that's good enough for me to be fine with wherever you want to go whenever I'm available I live just the otherside of the river. But I'm not on the forum everyday so give me a decent amount of notice