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Shadow available 27/28th October for RE learner

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  • Shadow available 27/28th October for RE learner

    Hi to all you RE Learners, just posting up cos we have a shadow who is willing to take an RE learner to Northam on either Saturday the 27th or Sunday the 28th of October.

    So, who out there wants to go??

    Let me know and I'll pass on the contact details

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    yes please....I'd like to go !
    Life's short, stay close to the things that make you happy!!


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      Winner will PM you the name and you just need to PM him and say Stoneville sent you, he knows all about it, he's just been waiting for me to send him a name


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        Hi stoneville can you help with a shadow for me please i to would like to go to the northam bike show on the sat 27th i live in lynwood


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          I noticed you've posted a thread for a shadow, are you on your R L's? you shouldn't have much trouble finding someone if you are.

          Send a message out to a few on the shadow list that Desmo put in the thread, someone is bound to be going to Northam, you could try Hostilemonk? Do a search for their member names and click on send a message, is how you PM someone


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            I will try that thanx heaps.... and yes i think my lic is that one not sure how the lic thing work i am 4 weeks of my r... that much i do know lol