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  • Leaning the bike

    Riding to work on Friday morning last week I was two turns away from work when I turned left and leant over so far I scrapped my left toe on the road surface. Took about 3mm off the sole of my boot. I was laughing my head off cos I never planned it to happen. I was disappointed because I didn't mean to do it, it just happened. Not saying it is a bad thing though. I thought I was hanging my boot lower than normal but nope it was on the peg as always.

    Anyway riding to work this morning turning right, bike leant over, bang goes the right toe. Again same thing, disappointment cos I wasn't planning on doing it, it just happened. When I actually set out to do it I back out and don't go half as far.

    I am proud of my wee self for leaning it over. I guess the less I think about it the easier it is.

    Just thought I'd tell the world of my proud little moment lol
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    well done. try sitting the balls of your feet on the pegs and then get the hero bars to scrape. thats fun
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      ^^ whs.

      when not changing gears, you should really have your toes well out of the way, and put the front of your feet (ball, toes, whatever) on the peg.

      Otherwise, not only will you scrape your feet way early in normal riding - but as soon as you go to turn left up a steep hill, you'll get caught out

      (yes, that's from my noob(ier) days )
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        Just teach yourself not to stab at the rear brake with your foot if you have to stop suddenly, I have seen this when someone first tried to ride with there feet up.


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          ^^^^^ ive seen something similar first hand, and i swear it wasnt me before i learnt how to use the brakes. But i did the same thing, scraped the edge of my boot doing an unbelievably sharp u-turn. but again, put the balls of ur feet on the pegs. i feel it gives me a better position for turning cos i can push down on the appropriate peg to help turn.
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            Put the balls of your feet on the pegs, dont hang them over by your heel.
            Get off the bike more, unless you are seriously hammering, you shouldnt ever have to lean like that. Shift your weight.

            Congratulations on the removal of your chicken strips though dude. Chicken strips always give the haters something to point and laugh at, not having them is always more impressive and fun.
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              Yeah, just ask jake about cornering.


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                Exactly! One can only learn when one has made so many mistakes as I have

                Seriously though, this is an internet forum, about bikes, where people get info, and advice, and we all become better riders for it (hopefully). I'm just trying to contribute.
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                  Funnily enough, due to racing on the track, I spend a lot of time analysing my riding technique, body position, etc, trying to make sure that I don't lean the bike over & touch my feet down, if I do I'm doin summat wrong; getting the knee down is also only used as I guide as to how far over the bike is (unless summat goes 'pear shaped' & I need the knee to keep from loosing the bike).

                  That said Resist is right 'bout the body weight thang.

                  Remember, the further over the bike the less grip you ultimately have due to the force vectors acting on the tyres, pushing your weight through the pegs helps alleviate this to an extent. The more vertical the bike the better it will react to the application of power or brakes. The reason racers get off the bike so much is to allow the bike to be more vertical (tho addmittedly it doesn't look like it much when Stoner gets 70 degree lean angles at Laguna Seca).

                  After all this it's still fun
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                    oh yeah I agree about shifting the weight, getting off the seat and all, that is what I do and I found cornering so much easier since doing it especially roundabouts. must try to make the balls of my feet stay on the pegs though. I wasn't intentionally leaning the bike over that far though and after watching a few vids on youtube it has made it easier.
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                      Its all experience its what make motorcycles fun!