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Who owns an FZR250?

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  • Who owns an FZR250?

    Well, i noticed a few ppl here talking about buying, or actually buying an FZR lately. So it got me wondering how many on PSB do own one? I thought they were relatively rare.

    So if you own one, post up here, tell us what year it is, how long you had it etc etc.

    Also let me know if your keen on catching up at some point showing off our bikes and maybe riding them somewhere.

    I have a 1990 3LN. I bought it about 6 months ago, give or take a couple of months. Have been loving it ever since i had it.


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    I used to have an '89 (blue/white) about 6 years ago, I had it for 18 months til it ceased on me going 90 on Reid Hwy.. nice 2 hour wait for the RAC, but boy was I glad I was a member, coz waiting 2 hours is better than pushing a bike 15kms


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      i do i do !!

      Ive had mine for over a year now. Its a 1990 3LN1.

      Its an awesome little bike, I rode it for a while with a fairly old and bald front tyre and a 'few' other small problems. But two months off the road, and now with a new front tyre, new fork oil and seals, bearings and lots of other pieces, she is a whole new bike, Im gaining heaps of confidence back.

      My only gripes with it are searching for parts, the service manual is in Japanese (although the FZR400 is very close), and because it is an older bike, knowing that and realising parts will break or are likely to 'go'.

      But other than that, im glad i bought this over the CBR, not that I dislike them, but its good to be different.


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        just thought this would be the place to let u guys all know my bro has a 1989 fzr250 in his garage. he picked it up from the quokka a year ago with the idea of fixing it but that idea hasn't really taken off. it has no radiator and the valve casing is cracked but other then that it's in good nick so if u guys are desperately in need of parts just pm me and i'll see if he'll sell it.


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          Yeah, I have a 3LN.
          Great little bike for 250. Had it about 6 months, yet to get licence. Just dont get enough time.


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            1988 2KR, had it for 3 days haha. Great half price to a CBR but goes just as good.
            Very nice bike 2 ride and loving it so far.
            Wud b interested in getting 2gether with all the other FZR's to compare bikes, possibly after exams cause i'm prety flat out atm.


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              What you guys know about their top speed? had mine on the 'dyno' today and it was only doing about 155kmh in top @ 12/13k rpm which makes me think an indicated 180(maybe at 16k rpm)?
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                Could always put it back on the 'dyno' on a quiet day and have a look. :p


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                  Originally posted by Supercharged1600 View Post
                  What you guys know about their top speed? had mine on the 'dyno' today and it was only doing about 155kmh in top @ 12/13k rpm which makes me think an indicated 180(maybe at 16k rpm)?

                  Being a jap import, it's quite likely that it is restricted (via ignition cut/retard) to 180km/h as per most jap vehicles. Also, the jap 250s were restricted to 45ps (eg, AU cbr250s supposedly have slightly more power than JDM - due to lack of ignition retard above xxxxx rpm - think it was about 17000 where the timing retard happens)

                  You may want to look around to see if there's an ignition module/timing retard eliminator available.

                  Then again, for how often you'll see 180km/h+ on a 250 (even at the drags, you'll be pushing to get to 160), it's probably not worth it.
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