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Embarrassing bike drop.

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  • Embarrassing bike drop.

    In the city monday, in a hurry for an appointment, looking for a parking spot near the eastern end of St Georges, I ended up turning left onto victoria ave (below the cathedral) where I saw what I thought was a free space on a kind of elevated parking spot. Golden. so i hopped up onto the space, where I realised it was a loading bay, 5 mins only. Fuck. so coasting slowly, I made to turn to the right and get back into traffic.

    this part happened fast, so im not exactly sure how/why in retrospect. but basically, as I was turning right to get back onto the road, I must have seen a car coming, or realised that a car could have been coming that i wasnt aware of. so i hit the brakes, and lost balance. the bike did that agonising akward inevitable slow fall. I tried to stop it falling with my leg (which wasnt really effective because my right foot was on/down the kerb so too low), and by pulling up on the handlebars - thereby maxxing out the throttle (clutch in thankfully) for a good 3 or 4 seconds untill either I hit the killswitch or the bike did it by itself. then I stepped off to the right to try n save the bike, which is just about horizontal now, and a couple of fellas passing by came over to help me pick it up. No noticible body damage, the bike was never 100% ON the ground, just pivoting really close.

    so anyway I composed myself (somewhat) and tried starting it again to make sure everything was hunkydory, the bike turned over, but didnt start. so I pushed it up onto the pavement in between a lamp post and the loading bay so it was out of the way to cool down and settle while i went to my appt. when I came back, it started pretty normally, and I only had a warning for parking on the pavement (no fine, thanks CoP).

    Just a really embarrassing off. more angry with myself for letting it happen. could have been worse.
    a similar (but much lesser) thing has happened once before. where I stalled when turning right, so my bike fell to the right, I managed to save it that time though.

    Any advice as to what i can do to avoid this (ie. practicing my low-speed manouvres) and what I should be worried about re: damage to the bike from this sorta thing.

    Also earlier on the same day i noticed the temp light come on a coupla times while waiting in traffic for mebe 5 minutes give or take. is this normal? coolant level is fine. and had a major service recently.

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    Drop ~ no noticable damage no worries, i think everyone has done something they are embaressed of, experience will sort you out.

    temp light? what type of bike do you have?


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      yeah, once about 3 years ago at the servo, had the steering lock on and went to roll forwards a few feet. toppled over infront of everyone in the servo. I felt like a right twat.
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        been there done that. Prolly most of PSB would have a similar story. Least ur alright and ur bike.
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        hahah I hate it when they do that and you make some noises like you had it done just last year, then they give you that look, like you are a bad vagina owner and you should take better care of it!


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          Originally posted by shane1 View Post
          Drop ~ no noticable damage no worries, i think everyone has done something they are embaressed of, experience will sort you out.

          temp light? what type of bike do you have?
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            Don`t sweat it mate...shit happens....
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              If anything, learn to leave your front brake lever alone when you're only putting about - it will get you in trouble every time. Back brakes only until you're up and on the move.

              Dunno about the temp light - could just be coincidence with the first couple warm days we've had, could be worth looking into further if it keeps lighting up.
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                I've done that and dropped it, or juuuust saved it on probably every bike I have owned.
                Some more than once.


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                  Slow speed under 40 my hand is off the front brake, back brake and gear brake only (this one from Evan) ... so stuff like this couldnt be happen.

                  Glad your bikes ok
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                    You live and learn. I think you did pretty good just to keep it up after stuffing up.


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                      Been there done that too, with just about every bike i've owned. But that's the worst i have ever done, no big offs, and hopefully you wont either.
                      Check you coolant level and hopefully it was just a glitch on that day but keep an eye on it anyway.
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                        It's a horrible feeling, but it'll pass. Most people have been in that situation. So don't worry too much

                        You might want to get the bike checked if you're not comfy with the high-temp. But I assume it's something to do with sitting in the traffic under today's nice weather.


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                          cough shoelaces caught in gear changer cough FARK! was not happy!! always tuck your laces in


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                            I think we've all said the words:

                            "Crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap..." while its doing its "slow fall" thing, myself included. Glad it wasnt an expensive as well as embarrassing experience.
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                              I had somehting similar the morning of my RE test, but I stupidly got under the bike to try adn stop it from hititng the deck as it was a mates, the bike was fine, but I was still bleeding while doing my test..