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AHG Tuning Session Nov 28

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  • AHG Tuning Session Nov 28

    Just putting the question out there, any other 250's going to AHG tuning session 28th Nov or am I surrounded by all those intimidating 1L bullies. The thing is even if I have my bigger bike by then I still will be taking my ZZR as I am just so confortable/confident on it and reckon I will be cornering significantly faster on that than a bike I've owned for a couple of weeks.

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    nope, but if anyone wants to sell me their spot ill be there
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      I wish.
      Feels good man.


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        I enquired about this today.. I just need to ask for the day off first before I book it, there was 6 places free when I called.

        +I'm on a 250


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          Understanding you have to have completed the ARD previous to the tuning session.

          The problem is not only am I on a 250, I'm not exactly Valentino and I hope people don't get too pissed off, however we all need to get our experience sometime.


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            At TS's there is usually a fast and a slow group.

            And I should be there, if I can get out of work.


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              Don't be concerned, as you say everyone has to learn. The basic rule is that everyone gets respect out there and no-one gets carved up.

              There is plenty of room on the track and all you need to do is concentrate on where you are going and faster people will find their way past.

              Anyway, the track is tight, so a 1000cc isn't the best thing to be on. A friend on a 250 spada was quicker than many of the bigger bikes in the tight bits.

              Just do your own thing and enjoy!


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                Being on a 250 would probably work In your favour on the AHG track as It's a tight track, but don't worry cauz no overtaking Is allowed on corners.
                Just go out there & enjoy.
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                  I promise to be nice..................

                  Besides getting carved up is all part of increasing awareness of whats happening around you..

                  As already said, cant overtake on corners and I reckon
                  you would have to be nutz to even try.


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                    I just rang today, and they said no spots on 28th nov.
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                      I'm on the ARD, but not the TS. I was thinking about it, but given I've heard some pretty nasty stuff about getting the ZZR down low (e.g. if you haven't stiffened your suspension you can end up lowsiding it when the centrestand strikes the ground) I'll pass on getting it that low...

                      ... although the chicken strips on the tyres are looking mighty thin nowadays.
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                        If you can get in ... do it

                        I was a little bit worried about the one I did. Because while I've got a decent sized bike I'm just not fast enough to keep up with most of the boys... so in this instance size doesn't matter

                        And I was just pulling over to the side and letting the faster people go around me when I noticed that I had some people behind me. But the best fun... seriously go for it if you can


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                          someone sell me a spot, pleeeeeease
                          If cleanliness is next to godliness, why was jesus a dirty sandal-wearing beardo?