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Learner - Newbie Ride - Tuesday 13th November

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  • Learner - Newbie Ride - Tuesday 13th November

    Peak Servo Truckstop on Kewdale Rd corner of Collie Rd

    Meet from 6.15pm leave 6.45pm

    Up the hill and then down to a Kelmscott dinner stop

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    Tuesdays are good

    Hopefully in!

    Go ahead and play the blues if it'll make you happy.

    Homer Simpson


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      Hmm... I may be able to pull this off if I ride into work, kill about an hour in Welshpool, then go home with the group.

      We allowed to know the dinner stop?


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        Sorry, most already do know, but if I don't publicise it I can change it if I don't change it it will be Macca's near Sizzlers


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          should be able to attend
          Have you won the game recently?? Post here


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            I'm out unfortunately. Gonna be in Hobart all next week. Cya on the next one.


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              Ohhh I think I can drag myself to go along on this one.....drag myself means Hell Yeah!


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                I'm in .... And looking for a shadow down to the meet point.. again


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                  IN. Love this 'hill'! and can probably pick up Laika. See ya's then
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                  yes, i am a prick
                  no, i don't care
                  you make me sick


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                    Im in, I love these rides.


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                      im still lonely "(
                      Have you won the game recently?? Post here


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                        Originally posted by shortSteve View Post
                        IN. Love this 'hill'! and can probably lick up Laika. See ya's then
                        Does Laika really wanna be licked ?


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                          Originally posted by Bunyack View Post
                          im still lonely "(
                          Awww there, there... wanna pillion me for this ride so you have some company?

                          All jokes aside, I would love to come pillion bitch again with someone that likes to pillion and has done it before.

                          I think Stephan's back, might be his turn again, haha

                          Or Tatie, you going to come along? Want a young lady giving you a cuddle? Or are you going to pull the "I just got home and had a beer" sob story again?
                          R Legal and loving it


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                            Got me bike fixed.


                            ill drag duncandisaster along with me


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                              Fair enough. Just making sure it wasn't KFC. I tried the Kelmscott store a few times, and most of them the food was dreadful. :S

                              May have improved since, but I'm not game to check.