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How many lessons before passing?

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  • How many lessons before passing?

    Hey guys - just came on board- Just wondering how many lessons did most of you had before going/passing your test. The other question : is it worth buying a bike to gain some confidence and practice on.(My mate has his license but not an instructor and is willing to supervise)

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    A) As many as you need
    Yes, if you can be responsible about having a bike and no license.


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      5 for RE, 1.5 for R.
      (.5 because I turned up late for the one on the morning of the test ).

      Sure buy a bike, if ur budget allows. You can ride all you want -supervised- & not pay $50-60 an hour.
      I bought my 250 before getting my RE, and a 750 before getting my R. I found it avantageous in both cases.

      Just remember not to get carried away & blow out ur budget on the bike alone. There'll be insurance, helmet, jacket, gloves, various items for maintenance, and no doubt quite a few things you don't consider when you make the big purchase.


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        Yeah, if you have the budget then your own bike is a great way to get extra time in and build up the hardest part of passing a test, which is simply demonstrating confidence on the bike.

        How many lessons?

        I never took a lesson, myself, but it was a long time ago when things were a little different.

        I have known people who've had 10 or more lessons and still no license. But then, some people maybe shouldn't be on a motorbike anyway.

        Five sounds about right - especially if you can cruise around on your own bike after the first two or three lessons.

        Good luck!
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          5-6 for R-E and 2 for R.
          Not sure I really needed the lesson part for R, as much as the reassurance and loan of a bike!


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            1 for R-E, had to get to the licensing center somehow.

            0 for R as i had a trailer by then.
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              i did about 8 or so lessons and a bunch of rides with PSB before my test. I didn't really need that many lessons I don't think, just had time to kill before the test.

              Just take as many lessons as you need, but remember the lessons aren't to teach you how to pass the test, they are to teach you how to ride.

              After a few lessons, get a bike and come on some of the rides here too. Should give you a bit more practice and confidence


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                5 paid lessons, countless hours of experience before taking the test with a mate on weekend rides. If possible get your own bike and get as much experience as you can - i found i learned so much more that way, only taking lessons to polish up my skills and to make sure i was doing the right thing.


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                  6 paid lessons, including the one of my test. Total riding time of about 21 hours before I sat my test.
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                    I did about 9 or 10. Didnt need that many but I had time to kill before my test and didn't want to get rusty.
                    Feels good man.


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                      i bought my bike, had one lesson to know what would officially be in the RE test and then i just practiced like hell to get ace at all the technical stuff.

                      take advantage of the shadows here mate. theyre really great ppl


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                        i never had a bike so could only ride instructors took me 6lessons


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                          3 or 4 for my RE and 2 for R just as a refresher on what they look for in a test as I got my RE back in the days when it was still an L class.

                          Id suggest getting a bike so you can come out on some rides. Might get away with fewer lessons that way. Just dont be tempted to ride without a shadow.
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                            I had a fair few, mainly because I kept doing stupid shit in the tests and failing, but probably 10 or so 2 hour lessons before I took my first test


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                              Originally posted by TYSON View Post
                              0 for R as i had a trailer by then.
                              I dont advise doing this as the instructor wasn't too impressed when we rocked up :p
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