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cagiva mitto 1st bike?

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  • cagiva mitto 1st bike?

    Hey guys - thinking about buying 2003 caigiva mitto as 1st bike - good idea or not?? have heard about reliability problems and I am not mechanically mind or should I spend money elsewhere?

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    theres been a few posts on that regarding 2-strokes. I am going to assume its a mito 125? There are a couple of members that have them so will be about to give a more valid opinion on the actual bike but

    Yes, 2 strokes are more maintenance intensive that 4 strokes. Does the mito have an oil reserve or do you have to premix fuel? This can be a pain in the arse and you have to purchase your fuel in a jerry can and then mix up the right amount of 2-stroke oil at home. 2-strokes need a new piston and rings fairly regularly (at least dirtbikes do) but this is quite cheap the cost of labor is not huge though you could probably do this yourself if you have a bit of knowledge and a manual.


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      Will you want to upgrade in a year to an R class machine? is money something you have growing on trees? If answers are a) yes b) no then buy something cheap for your first year.