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  • Gears for Trackdayz

    Ah erm,

    Thinking about going to the trackday on the 3rd of Feb. It is a level 1 entry event so I was just wondering what the requirements are?

    Things like covering the headlights, removal of indicators and mirrors, distilled water instead of coolant etc. Do i need to worry about any of this?

    Also about gearing, what are the requirements are? Can I rock up with normal commuter gears like draggins, jacket, helmet, gloves & close ankle boots or are full leather tiiiiiiights a must?


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    Not sure whether for L1 you have to put water in the radiator, but you still have to remove your mirrors and tape up lights etc.

    Draggins are ok.


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      I signed up for that one... Check out the FAQ



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        thanks Laika.

        Hmm looks like cuff length gloves are not allowed. Doesnt say anything about headlights, mirrors etc tho.

        What do you guys suggest in order to get the bike there and back? As i have no car nor trailers would you recommend asking someone that goes on the day to see if i can get my bike taken there or should I work on it at the pit?


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          Going to need some different gloves and maybe boots myself

          Was hoping on the day to just remove my barend mirrors and put some gaffa tape on the headlight.. Do the indicators need to come off? This will be my first trackday so I'll need some advice as well


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            Originally posted by Laika View Post
            . Do the indicators need to come off? This will be my first trackday so I'll need some advice as well
            If you are taking your bike on a trailer...the more you remove the better. Just in case

            But you don't need to. When I used to take my Thruxton, I'd ride up, remove the mirrors and tape up the rest of the lights.


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              Bike has to be in good roadworthy condition, good tires, brake pads, chain lubed and correct tension, no leaks. Normal coolant in the radiator is fine, if it has a centre stand, that should be wired or cable tied up, or preferably removed, side stands are ok. take a roll of duct tape with you, when you get there tape up your head light, tail light, number plate and indicators. mirrors you can remove or they are usually ok with taping up the glass in them and folding them back so you cant use them. Also have to put a bit of tape over your speedo, not your tacho though. Taping up of lights etc is so if you have an off and they get broken there isnt glass left all over the place, taping or removing mirrors is so you concentrate on where you are going, not where you have been, dont worry about people behind you, just stay smooth and on line, its the people behind responsability to get past safely if they are faster than you. speedo is taped up so you are not looking at it thinking, wow im going so fast, then look up and you are heading for the dirt.
              If you are riding up and have no one taking fuel up for you, remember to fill up at the servo in wanneroo, a tank full should last all day in group 1 no problems.

              If you are concerned about what to tape up etc, on the day the guys running the course check all bikes and give you a hand doing it, then when its all good they put a sticker on it say its been checked and good to go


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                WHS^^^^....that sums it up. Bring yourself and listen to the instructers, they know how to get around the track and how you can go home in one piece with a huge grin on your face!!!!
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                  mm as above

                  Don't think of it as a Trackday, think of it as a learning day, cos this is what you will be doing.

                  The guys will tape up everything that is needed to be taped up, but of course you can help by doing it your self when you get there if you ride up.

                  If you trailer it up you can have it done already.

                  Don't forget to PM me your email addy so I can send you an applictaion form


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                    The way my roster looks, I will be in Perth for this one. Given there is no testing over
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                      Cheers guys.

                      Gave me an idea what to prepare for and what to purchase.

                      Sandra, PM sent


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                        hhhmmm why do we have to replace the coolant with water ?! doesnt coolant work better ?
                        Jackie the C

                        I love V-twin ^^'


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                          AFAIK, you don't have to replace coolant with water for your general Trakdayz. It's more for the serious racers on the track all the time. The glycol in your coolant is pretty slippery on tarmac, so they use water instead, just in case someone has an off and spills it over the track.

                          Bikes run fine with distilled water in the cooling system. The main reason for the coolant in your bike is to serve an a rust inhibitor.


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                            On the other note, how strict are the scrutineering with helmets?

                            On my AGV there are several scratches near the mouth, pretty visible from dropping it.

                            Also are you allowed to have tinted /shiny coating thingie-which-name-escaped-me-as-of-now? And should I?


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                              A couple of scratches are ok, as long as there are no cracks or the sticker is missing. And tinted visors, if that is what you`re refering to, are good. If you don`t have a tinted visor, use sunnies, prefferebly not with glas lenses... Make sure your gear is in good condition, nothing more annoying coming down the hill with 180k`s plus and you see something flapping in the corner of your eyes.......Same goes for your bike. Make sure it is in good working condition. LEAKFREE!!! Not great to slip on someone elses oil or coolant! As for coolant, only racebikes have to run destilled water...
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