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I is so stoopid - a message to CBR250RR owners

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  • I is so stoopid - a message to CBR250RR owners


    Was heading off to my girlfriend's place on saturday riding up the freeway when i could feel the power draining away from my bike. I was thinking, "fu^K!!, problems just before selling it!!"
    I pull over into the emergency lane and turn it off, fearing the worst. I do a quick check over and don't see any obvious problem without pulling things apart. So i thought maybe it was a bad bit of fuel or something and ride off.
    1 minute later the same thing happens so i turn off the freeway and start to worry...this is not cool.
    I end up in the carpark across the road from the zoo and begin to organise a trailer with my sister to pick my bike and me up.
    I then look it over once more and notice the reserve tape is horizontal (i.e. the 'OFF' was at the top of the turning knob).

    I pretty much accidentally turned the fuel off to my engine and thus it was slowly pulling all the fuel out of the carbies and thus my problems.

    So to all CBR250RR owners keep an eye on that fuel tap, it is obviously not too hard to nudge with your knee or some other limb...especially if your working on your bike.

    After turning it back to 'ON' it runs beautifully. sure got a scare tho... when your machine runs sweet all the time and suddenly something goes wrong you realize you can take it for granted!!!

    Also, does anyone know the number to Murdoch's towing Service, I tried calling him but the number was disconnected. this was the number i tried 0416 013 217.


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    well, take comfort in that you didnt put bio-diesel in your tank..

    then you would be well stupid..
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      hehe, at least it wasn't the kill switch

      And you figured it out for yourself.

      And you're not afraid to let everyone know about it

      Good stuff mate
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        You're not the first that's happened to....

        +1 about Murdoch too.
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          heh, i did the same thing- i lowsided at ahg and immediately turned off the fuel. got trailered home and rode it 2 days later, forgot the tap was off. Worked it out pretty quickly after i pulled over though Gave me quite a scare, as i knew i had a full tank and it was a similar feeling as the time i holed a piston.

          BTW, im not sure if murdoch is still doing bikes, the trailer aint at his house i think. Il found out and post sometime
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            I heard he wasn't doin it any more... Thanks for the story bloke
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              ive never accidently nudged my fuel switch before hehe

              and murdoch hasnt been towing bikes for atleast 6 months now.
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                Can't say I've nudged mine either, bad luck I guess.
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                  I had that happen 3 days in a row at my last job. Found out it was a bloke there being funny and switching it off. I never got very far out of the carpark and up the street. Smashed his mirrors off his scooter for his idea of a laugh.
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                    maybe some1 did it on purpose...

                    when u gettin an open bike dude!
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                      haha. Adam, the only person that could have done that was my sister because the bike hasn't left the house for a while....will give her a dead-arm in the morning.

                      Once the paint job is finished I'll be putting her up for sale and will upgrade...

                      Mekon...i love your reaction to someone screwing around with your fuel switch!

                      Anyway, hope someone learnt something from this...and thanks for letting me know that Sabre no longer tows bikes...I'll do a search for someone else who is trust-worthy and tows bikes.

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                        that sucks mike7, haha reminds me of when I sold the RS125 not long ago.

                        Went down to matthew's netball centre for buyer to have a ride, after he and another bloke took it for a ride, we'd organised to go back to mine to do some paperwork, and it seems one of the two who rode it used the kill switch.

                        I'm sitting there trying to start the bike thinking "fuck, what's going on?!" and it not doing anything. The reason I didn't think to look at the KS was because I never used it in the year I rode it..

                        haha it's quite embarrassing really but worthy of a laugh now


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                          hahaha, my friend was the culprit there, i do use the killswitch now as i heard it prevents some battery drain, but i have also been guilty of using it and forgetting that i had it off when starting...

                          Hows the bike goin mickyt? up for the newbie ride next week before you sell your bike?


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                            love the storys about the kill switchs and the fuel tapes, lol but with having Falcore for a brother hehehehe i have learned to alwasy check my KS and my fuel taps

                            xx eva

                            PS but i have done it my self, once with the fuel switch, because my bike leaks fuel if i leave the switch on, so i always turn it of when i turn her off, but i forgot one day, and after having 12 months of trouble geting her so she runs nicely to have her play up one day and stop i was really really pissed at her, but turned out it was my fault opppps
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                              I had the same trouble years ago on my trailie,
                              turned out it was a clogged fuel filter.
                              The usual $2 component.