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  • 250 Bike Insurance

    Where does everyone go for their bike insurance quotes? I've been told QBE are the cheapest, however for everyone whose under 25 like me they sting ya with some crazy quotes that arnt even worth it.

    Do you guys still go for full comp insurance or just Third Party, fire & theft? Any other companies worth trying?

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    Please refer to the plethora of similar threads at the bottom of your screen or use the search function. Insurance has been discussed at length many many times.
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      im 20 and the cheapest i got was WQBE by a long shot
      just ring up all the insurance companies and get quotes.
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        Different conditions will affect your insurance, yes it is silly to ride without it. As Aphex has stated, similar threads are listed at the bottom of the page or search for insurance and there will be multiple pages of the same question answered in detail


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          When I did my looking around I found the two best seemed to be RAC and QBE. QBE had lower annual fees, but considerably higher excess for under 25s. RAC had moderately higher fees but only a $200 fixed excess.

          This is by no means definitive. Only what I found. I have a clean driving history. If you don't, that may change things considerably.


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            Cheapest by far... have you had insurance before? If you've got zero no claim bonus, then any quote from anybody is going to be high.
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              I'm 19 and went with QBE, as they're cheapest and have an ok reputation for claims.

              Only went with 3rd party fire and theft though, as I don't see the point in paying $1000+ a year for comprehensive on a bike that's only worth $3500 or so.


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                I have insurance with Elders. For my 250 it was something ridiculously tiny like $200 a year.


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                  $200 per year? Full Comp? Were you over 25 though when you were paying that?


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                    Yep full everything! I would have been 21 i think?

                    It's awesome.


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                      WQBE. Why? Because you can find a cheaper quote and they'll match it.

                      Most expensive: RAC.

                      I have/had (pending accident investigation) full NCB, they asked me what I EXPECTED to ride (not what I'm actually riding, two very different things) each year, and that I use it for work - I think it came up to be about $530pa. It would have been $460pa if I hadn't said "work".

                      EDIT: Age+Inexperienced Rider+Standard excess = $900 excess.
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                        Motorcycle Insurance Australia - Motor Bike Insurance - InsureMyRide i paid $170 for 3rd party for the year! (18yo, RGV250)