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    Hi all, Got my R-E learner's in late June and have been doing lessons weekly since. My instructor reckons I'm ready to take the test, but the earliest I can do so is late January (6 months from when I got the learner's permit).

    I already have a car license, so no logbook required, but I'm looking to drop back to lessons once every 2 weeks (just so I don't forget anything) and fill in the gaps with weekend/possibly weeknight rides to keep up my skills.

    I'm looking for a shadow in the Yokine/Tuart HIll area. We can ride out to pot black or a bowling alley, or I have time for longer trips on weekends. Once every 2 weeks on the weekend or weekdays during the evening would be fantastic.

    A bit about myself: 22M if that matters to you, I work as a software developer/data analytics consultant. Bit of a nerd, into all things that go fast (I drive a moderately fast car and ride a ridiculously fast electric bicycle to work), hobby electronics, music, and film. I used to play FPS games semi-competitively, and still make an appearance at local LANs every now and then. Love a good game of badminton, 8 ball, or 10 pin bowling.

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    hey there, I'm in nollamara, would be keen for some evening rides if you're keen. I work shiftwork so I dont have every weekend off, two out of four but the weather is getting better and keen to get out.

    Zero423 Zer095 six00