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The 'I passed my 250 license test' thread

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  • The 'I passed my 250 license test' thread

    We'll I thought I should do a token thread like everyone else has.

    I passed my R-E test!

    Woke up at 5:45 this morning. Had a lesson at 6:30 and then had my exam at 7:55. Smashed the shit out of it.

    The assessor was really nice, which helped calm the nerves. Apparently my e-stop was the best that the assesor has seen in a while.. No idea if he was just talking a bit of cheese, but yeah

    Big thanks to Amber at MTWA. Great instructor, and would definitely recommend her to anyone!
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    Congrats, stay safe and upright

    waiting to hear from somene that did his test at the same time but in a little hick town


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      I thought about making a thread for my Pass yesterday, but most people just say congrats and meh :p
      Laps soon Chee!


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        I'll jump on the bandwagon, passed my R class 2 days ago.

        Well done Chee, now come pillion me


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          Congrats Chee. It was a good day/week for tests by the looks. Well done!!

          p.s. Sandra, yes he passed, I have just made the thread after we got back from getting his new tyre. (Boy, is that a nerve racking experience!)


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            Top work chee


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              nice work mate!


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                well done mate!
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                Originally posted by RICO
                (i was tempted to see how effective carbon-fibre knuckled gloves are against windows)
                They work like a charm :spiteful: trust me

                *tested in a controlled environment, closed road, laboratory blah blah blah!* Honest


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                  Nice work Chee!
                  Got yourself a bike already?


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                    congrats mate


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                      i bought a vt250f for really cheap. its in decent nick. just needs a good going over before it can be re-regoed. but ive got exams on atm. so i might tinker with it when i get some time.
                      Need your suspension tuned? See Marty MOOSE! | Need something out of the ordinary? See Gav (GD Engineering)!


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                        Congrats Cheebai & welcome to the 2fiddy club!

                        Stay sane & safe & cya around!


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                          Tah Dah! Licenced Rider RE.

                          So today i completed my QRIDE course and received my RE licence.

                          I was very impressed with the course learnt alot from it. The main thing that impressed me is that they try to actually prepare you to be a good rider.

                          The course started with classroom time, where they went over the dynamics of riding a bike, Throttle control the effects on suspension and traction, Braking techniques in various situations, Countersteering, counterleaning and leaning off the bike, road conditions and common situations, road positioning the whys and why nots. During this period i learnt alot of things also made me think about things much more than any 20min test could have.

                          We started with going on a 30km Ride, through alot of twisties and mountain roads, to get the feeling for the bike and for the instructor to get a feeling for our riding experiance. After this we went to a quiet spot where he got us zig zaging down the road working on our counter steering. and some steep hill starts.

                          He then set up a slalom course. markers 9 meters apart, i was already familiar with counter steering keeping the body straight and moving the bike under me. but with this exercise i really learnt alot more with the instructors tips. we would go up through the course.. then power back down and do an emergency stop. all the time giving us helpful tips, we kept on doing this for quite some time, he said we passed the req. pretty much first run but just wanted to work on it to make us better riders. the emergency breaking requirement is 18m's which is a bit lax but we all did it in under 10meters.

                          We then went for another ride all taking turns leading even got some rain riding experiance lol, on the way to a parking area where we would do our figure 8's and slow riding techniques. the figure 8's were 5 meter circles left then right. the aim was to be able to do those consistently, he worked on our counter leaning to get them very smooth and small. also we had to ride as slow as possible between two points.

                          All in all i really enjoyed this course, we had 3 people on it including myself. So alot of personal time.

                          So watch out for me on WA roads and stay clear of the dangerous dude that cant pass WA tests!


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                            Originally posted by MaximPrime View Post
                            During this period i learnt alot of things also made me think about things much more than any 20min test could have.
                            Jesus dude. Grudge much?

                            Grats anyway.
                            Originally posted by Semi
                            I ride slowly because I'm a massive faggot.


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                              hahahaah nice one Matt! Competency based courses are the best way to go and there should be more of them.

                              Although I am not riding with you on that dodgy Qld license..... Can't remember where i got mine.
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