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Putting a RGV250 front suspension on a Across

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  • Putting a RGV250 front suspension on a Across

    After seeing numerous other people taking the stock front suspension of their bike and replacing it with a better one, like a CBR250RR with a NSR250 front end (adjustable upside down forks, triple clamp to suit NSR front wheel).

    this lead me to wondering, would this work with a Suzuki Across if I took the front end off a RGV and put it on the Across?
    Has anybody done it before?

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    i wouldnt. your better off with a rgv


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      RGV suspension would be just as crap, if you're going to do it, find something with more than just preload adjustment on the front and isn't 15 years old.
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        Fuck the haters.....

        The questions you need to ask are..... Will the forks fit into the std Across's triple clamps?
        If yes (same fork diameter), will the axle of the RGV forks fit into the rim of the across?
        If forks don't fit into the triple clamps, will the RGV triple clamps fit into the Across Headstock?
        Can you actually find some RGV forks?
        If the forks fit in, and the axle is the same, will you need to get some spacer made up for the calipers and wheel to make sure everything is offset correctly.

        It can be a long process, but if you are happy to spend the time, money and effort to find all this out, you would be able to do it (only to find that you'd have to upgrade the rear shock as well ). If you think your going to get rid of the bike in 12 months time, you have to ask yourself whether it is worth it, as it is costs that won't be recovered when you sell the bike.....
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          yeah i was just curious if i would work, I don't think I would have the effort nor have the money to be able to do it


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            Originally posted by BlackFZR View Post
            Fuck the haters.....
            No, listen to the haters because they might actually have some decent input and that might be the reason for the "hate" as you call it.
            RGV suspension is shit, it's soft, has no adjustment, and putting it on a bike that is heavier than which it was designed for is a bad idea.
            You are much better off looking for something that has preload, rebound and compression settings and is more suited to that weight of bike.
            Nobody said "Don't do it, it would be shit", it has just been suggested that RGV suspension might not be the best option for the job.
            It's not always black and white and hate mate.


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              What desmo said.

              Also, the RGV is a lot lighter than the across.

              Rather than go for RGV kit (which will be well under-sprung and under-damped), go for something the same size that can handle the additional 30kg of lard the across carries around.

              Maybe look for something off a GSX-R 750, from memory its possible to adapt particular year 750 suspension to the RGV relatively easily, so its probably about as difficult/easy to do on your across as putting RGV forks on it.... but you'll end up with forks that have adjustable damping, not just preload.

              However, you're still left with what to do with the rear.

              Rather than buying second hand stuff off 10-15 year old bikes to put on your 10-15 year old bike (and thus, ending up with different shagged suspension, instead of the original shagged stuff), I'd rather be trying to get the existing stuff working properly.

              Get a fork kit put through the front, and see if you can get the rear rebuilt.

              Properly sorted stock stuff will probably be better than secondhand bits and pieces originally intended for another bike - unless you plan on rebuilding that too, but once you add up all the $ you'll end up spending, you're better off just selling the across and looking for a sportier 250 (babyblade, zxr250, rgv or whatever). Unless you're just so in love with the manbag that you just don't want to part with it...
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