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GPX Tacho, Dash headlights and indicators not working

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  • GPX Tacho, Dash headlights and indicators not working

    So good news.. another problem with my GPX (EX250)

    I turned it on this morning and started riding to work and realised my dash , tacho , headlights and indicators lights are all not working and the bike is running like absolute shit as well.

    When I get home I will check the fusses, could it be a bad earth?

    Any ideas

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    You're on the right track mate, I'd start with the fuses, otherwise it might be a bad earth
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      agree with the fuses, could also be a shorting problem somewhere


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        I dont think it would be a simple fuse issue if it is affecting how the bike runs. Everytime I've blown a fuse, either the engine runs fine or it doesn't run at all.


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          Some water somewhere???


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            I went to start it this arvo and its all working might be some water...


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                this might be helpfull

                Download PDF Kawasaki GPX250 Service Manual |



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                  hopefully its just fuses or loose connections, and not that someone has put a brighter headlight bulb in which has melted the fusebox and/or wiring loom.

                  someone did that to the commodore i used to own.... not cool.
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