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Re-take lesson after passing. Are you rich?

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  • Re-take lesson after passing. Are you rich?

    As some of you might know, I've my RE class license for about half a year. Experience wise, I'm a noob. I've clocked up about 20000km on my 250cc and have done a few trakdayz and the Advanced Roadcraft course organised by Elite. I would like to think I can ride but lets not kid myself, in the grand scale of things, I probably can't. I also think it is dangerous for me to think that I can ride.

    What I want to do is to stay alive on WA roads for as long as I can. So I've been thinking of taking a 1 hour lesson with a qualified m/c instructor maybe once every 3 months or 6 months so hopefully he can point out what I did wrong or what improvement can be made etc and one of those things might save my arse one day.

    Has anyone of you especially those still on their 250 done this before and what's your opinion on this if you are an experienced rider?

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    If your on your RE then you can begin lessons for your R class anyway.

    May as well start the lessons early as all your bad habits will be pointed out pretty quickly.
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      ^^^ What FB has said

      I had a few years off the bike and went and did lessons with Terry, to brush up my skills before getting back out there


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        Nothing wrong with that at all. Go for it!
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          I wouldnt bother, you seem like you have done a bit already ''20000km on my 250cc and have done a few trakdayz and the Advanced Roadcraft''

          Instructor will teach you how to pass the test and thats pretty much it, the rest is up to your attitude and experiance


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            Just keep riding with good experienced riders...

            Ask for their opinions and listen...


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              What rich said.

              A lot of riding a bike on the road in traffic etc is instinct and reading traffic, once you've been taught the roadcraft basics I don't see that going over them again is going to teach you much.

              Focus on more advanced training, rather than going over the basic R/RE test stuff.

              Maybe get some lessons so you can take an R class bike out legally with someone who will give you the yay/nay as to whether or not to go for the R test, but bear in mind both tests are exactly the same... if you can ride an RE bike properly, its just bike control on the R bike you need to practice.
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                I though the same, but just waited until I was ready and able to sit my R's, did a few lessons with Mark? from Elite and quickly corrected a couple of bad habits I had picked up, passed the R's no problem at all, lost no points. I could probably have passed without the lessons but its great for your confidence, and having someone pick up on the little mistakes you make.

                For example, I always though you had to do a head check AFTER you had MILO'd into the correct lane and where about to turn, when all that was needed was a Mirror check.

                You sound like you have done a heap of riding, im always seeing the VTR hooning round Tuart Hill so I think experience wise your doing fine, but for ~$60 - $70, go for it.
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                  The first modest person on PSB? :o

                  Let's face it, 20 000kms is likely more than 3/4 of people these days spend on their 250. I'm generalising I know.

                  Being modest and seeking feedback is the first step to staying alive as far as I'm concerned. Good work


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                    hey man... i did 18000k on my 250 before i got my R's. I also got lessons again before my R class, mostly to pick out all my bad "fail" habits. I reckon the experience u gain riding that many K's is better then what an instructor can teach u in a few lessons... though like driving, the instructor will teach u the small things again that youve forgotten and that they will mark u down for...


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                      Originally posted by Kingkezza View Post
                      The first modest person on PSB? :o

                      Let's face it, 20 000kms is likely more than 3/4 of people these days spend on their 250. I'm generalising I know.
                      I was going to say is is there an extra zero there??

                      thats a lot of kays on a 250 in 6 months, you would have to gain a fair bit of experience with that.
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                        Originally posted by MADOGA View Post
                        I was going to say is is there an extra zero there??
                        20000KM mate....mind you though i've started riding a bit before I got my RE...thanks to the 10+ shadows who were willing to shadow me and put up with my noobiness....

                        Thanks everyone for the feedback. I decided to do it but will make it clear to the instructor that the purpose of the lesson is to help me staying alive rather than passing the test...

                        Will also keep doing advanced training, and watch & listen to more experienced riders...who knows, in 10-20 years, if i'm still alive and become really good at it, I can impart my knowledge to the next gen of noobs.... and the cycle of fun continues.....


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                          20000km? I would say your doing something right if your still here. I have only done 12600km on my bike in like a year and halfish ( a little bit less) and it has been my only form of transport for the last year. And I thought I rode alot.
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                            Not as silly as it sounds, although probably slightly different circumstances

                            I have 2 students at the moment that are licensed riders, one has had their bike sitting in their carport for over 6 months and hasnt ridden due to the weather and the other is learning how to ride a scooter(Although never ridden before at all, just went out and bought one)


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                              Sounds like you have your head screwed on, i like the fact that you can say i have done so many kms and not act like you no it all, because i think even the most experienced rider is still learning until he stops riding......

                              you should maybe do a couple of AHD days also might help out alot.....

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