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  • kelmscot test info

    I have a test in Kelmscott today.

    Anyone know the road that the o turn e stop area (I think its just off brookton highway?

    I am guessing its Stevington road but am not sure. I know the other 2 places that you get taken to but not the 3rd I did a bit of a search and didnt come up with much.

    Any info will be appreciated

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    Sorry can't help though there are a couple of threads with info, cos I know de-e posted something.

    How about calling HIHO, he'll know


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      He did tell me the other day but I had alot on my mind and forgot.


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        yeah, i did mine there... but didn't get taken that way.

        I don't know the name of the road, but heard it's in Clifton Hills, and they make you do the peanut shaped roundabout.
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          yeh the peanut shaped roundabout out back of the shops is what screwed me. Ur expected to enter in RH wheel track, then 3/4 way round change to LH wheel track then exit.

          I done stop and U turns on one of the back rds just up from the trainstation.
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            Depends on the examiner, they all seem to have their own "special" places. Two that I know of are:-
            • Koorden Close opposite the bus depot on Railway Ave near the Tonkin Hwy flyover.
            • Glastonbury Rd in Armadale opposite the new Woolworths complex
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              Cheers guys. They used the one near lake road anyway


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                did you pass? I got the one right in front of the new Woolworths in Armadale