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2008 250R Turn Signals

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  • 2008 250R Turn Signals

    Hey guys just wondering if you can help me out. I've been trying to find some front turn signals for my bike but haven't had much luck and don't particularly want to go to Kawasaki to get them

    I've located some rear turn signals on eBay, they look the same as the front ones but I'm not sure if they will fit. Does anyone know if it would be a problem to use rear turn signals as front signals?


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    Are they ultimately the same? Remove rear signal, check if it fits front...


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      Yeah there the same!
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        Awesome, I only saw it today and I'm at work so it never came to mind to switch them. I thought front ones would be as easy to get as the rear but evidently not. I'll check when I get home.

        Thanks Kramer, I'll check anyway!


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          Re: 2008 250R Turn Signals

          Hey man you should order some proton flush mount indicators for the front, does em pretty cheap I think


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            Do they fit properly on the fairings though? I've just heard from others that they've had problems getting them to fit and just bought factory ones when they got too frustrated with it.


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              ive just replaced botht the front and rear indicators on my ninja with some led units that of all places came from super cheap auto, they look alot slimmer and are ten times brighter they pretty much just bolted in on the existing mounts the ony thing i did have to do was put in a load resistor in the circuit so they would flash correctally. cost me all of about $100 for a full set of indicators and the load resistors
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                thanks for the tip baxter - I'd rather keep the stock ones though