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Anyone Know Any Cast Iron Welders in Perth?

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  • Anyone Know Any Cast Iron Welders in Perth?

    I done a Racecraft course on the 13th of september 2009 and have broken my gearshift mount on my bike which is apart of the bikes frame work.
    So does anyone know were i could get my frame work for my gear shift welded up they need to have experience in welding cast iron as i have been told.


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    Cast Iron???
    Well, yes, but maybe they meant Cast steel?
    Any trained boilermaker/welder should be able to do it. They may not like it though..


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      Maybe it is cast steel all i know is that it is very hard to weld if done right. I dont know much about metals.


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        the frame is gonna be a bitch to weld. i dont think that frame is cast steel. if anything, cast ally alloy. someone with TIG welding experience. technically, the bike is a write-off, but it can be saved if someone does kno what they are doing

        have a look on online auctions to see if you can find another frame - HONDA CBR250RR MC22 - FRAME for sale - - New Zealand

        if you get it right, you'll wind up saving a lot more money. which model cbr250 do you have again?
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          Post up a pic of the section requiring repair.


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            Yeh, Post a pic of the part in question...that would help allot. I am a Welder by trade and have spent some time on casts of various descriptions. The short answer is it is usually a bitch to weld (depending on material) but can be done. The telling story though is how long the weld will last?
            You may find that it is a more practical option to prep and braze the joint as opposed to welding it....but it depends on the load it needs to bare?