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Mechanical noobit (hyosung with one working cylinder)

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  • Mechanical noobit (hyosung with one working cylinder)

    Well I have one working cylinder atm (I assume) and can't really work out what to do about it.
    I have checked the two spark plugs and they are both working, so I ran it on the one cylinder this morning for a little bit and one got hot - the other remained cold.
    I'm not to sure what I should be checking when trying to fix this...
    any ideas - jokes about replacing the whole bike are welcome but i doubt they will be funny after this long
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    Just a warning. Keep it ontopic please. And keep the answers relevant to a fellow PSB'ers problem.
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      did you check to c if there is spark in the cylinder not workin or just take the plug from the dead cylinder and try it on the workin side?

      engine needs 3 things to fire- spark, fuel, air. Work out what one is missing and then u can start to diagnose the problem.
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        I'm assuming you pulled the plugs out, and cranked the motor and actually saw the spark ?
        If so the next issue is fuel...
        Color of the plugs ? are they both the same ?
        I am a big fan of turning the fuel off and draining the float bowls. This achieves 3 things.
        1. you get a basic idea of float level (particularly when comparing cylinders)
        2. you will drain any water that may have got into the carb.
        3. if the check is done when the fault is present you will pick up lack of fuel from blocked breathers etc.
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          Thanks for the ideas but I will have to take the bike apart tomorrow and do a proper job of it. I didn't need this to happen
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