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GPX clutch rattle

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  • GPX clutch rattle

    Hey guys I have a 1990 GPX, I’m not sure if it just wear and tear but my clutch leaver rattles whenever I’m ridding and its bloody annoying. The clutch works fine so it’s just a cosmetic thing and suggestions can it be tightened or adjusted?

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    could be worn or loose, see if you can tighten it a little. Don't forget to add some lube. like LMM or white grease
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      GPX motors have 180 degree cranks.... bang bang....... nothing more for 540 degrees of crankshaft rotation. Throw in carbs out of balance and less-than-optimum airscrew adjustment and the 'chunka-chunka-chunka" sound you hear at idle is the loading and unloading of the primary drive damper in the primary gear as the motor effectively stalls between power strokes. As for the lever, a light grease can be used in the perch and on the lever pivot/bolt. If it's a '90 model you can try nipping up the pivot bolt or grab a 'tighter' second hand one from the wreckers.