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    Hi All

    I don't know if anything has been posted on this before and I apologise in advance if it has, but this is my dilemma...

    I am new to riding having just got my R-E Learners and want to start looking at getting my first bike. I would like to get it before I get my license to hopefully get some practice outside professional lessons, with the generous peeps willing to run as a shadow for me. My problem is I don't think many stores and private sellers are going to be willing to let a learner out and about on the bike they are trying to sell.

    Any Ideas.



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    You could always take someone with you to test ride for you


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      I bought my bike from mack 1 in midland....they gave me a test ride when i only had my learners, one of the salesmen came as my shadow.


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        Dunno if this is helpful , but a younger mate of mine just bought a 08 Ninja 250. Looks a real nice bike , and the seating possie felt really comfy. Seemed a great bike to learn on ,but also cruise around on.
        Not sure how quick it goes , or if is in your budget,but if I was going through that again , I'd most likely slam the bucks on the counter.. Good luck either way.
        Sventek, being a predominantly lazy fuck can you please purchase some for me, bring me the stuff, create something I want after you think of it for me then clean my house, wash my car, dog, bike breathe for me.


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          + 1 mack 1 midland (speak to some guy with a 4 letter name i forget , brad, paul, something like that)
          + 1 honda midland (speak to the black dude, hes pretty cool and will shadow you)

          both stores will let you ride as L platers, just bring your documents.

          What bike are you looking at btw?


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            most likely VTR250 (as I like the style of nakeds) but the Ninja250Rs lookpretty good too.


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              have you thought about looking private then?


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                I only had my RE learners when I bought my bike from a private seller. Just be honest when they ask you if you can ride a bike. answer with a Yes or No. but if they ask if you have a bike licence.... thats when you can lie a little. .... well you can admit the truth after you have taken the bike for a test ride.

                Thats my experience in purchasing my first bike.


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                  i guess if you rock up with cash in hand (not always the most convenient/safest thing to do) and hand it over to the seller, he/she will be cool about letting you test ride their bikes..

                  shows you're a genuine buyer and also gives more credit to the you brake you buy rule


                  Originally posted by HotelBushranger
                  Talked to some chick today at the village that rides a GPX 250. Wasn't very friendly though, must have crabs.


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                    if you are able to you should look at some of the private sales on here.

                    is there a reason you are looking at the dealers first? they will prob be asking a bit more than you would pay privately.

                    if you want a great naked first bike, you can buy my CBF


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                      Thanks PBF what year? though I am a bit more partial to the VTRs...

                      I have been looking into the privates as well but I thought they would be more nervous about n00bs on their bikes


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                        well, your best bet, to get a feel for the bikes, is to ride one at the dealers, or you can can get a mate to test ride one, and out of blind faith, hope it suits you too. Usually most bikes work out for most people, no matter what, unless youve got some really out-there body specs. 7ft tall, 3ft tall...


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                          If you intend to upgrade after 1 year to a new bike then the CBF250 is the ideal bike whenther you test it or not. I bought one and did not test it but they did offer but i was not confident at the time. Most instuctors reccommend it


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                            I'd say that, as far as testing goes, sitting on it yourself (just to get a feel for the riding position and seat comfort etc) would be fine with most private sellers, and then you can get a more experienced mate to test-ride it for you.

                            If you have that opportunity at all, I'd take it.
                            Originally posted by Dragunov-21
                            If you want me to answer a question, I want you to ask one that doesn't put words in my mouth that were never there.


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                              Selling my Ninja 250 atm, I wouldn't mind a learner taking it for a spin as long as they had cash there - in saying that, it would be the same for a licensed rider.

                              As long as I have the money in my hand when the bike is taken for a ride the old rule wins of 'You break it, you bought it' test rides should be the last thing to finalise a sale IMO.