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  • Insurance for 250's

    Im not here to ask about what insurance to go with but did some research and calling around insurance companies and thought i'ld just share with fellow 250 riders the insurance i ended up with. I think its cheap but hey maybe could do better so will try to see if QBE can beat it tomorrow.

    anyway i got comprehensive including fire, theft and third party from RAC (i do not work or am affliated with RAC in anyway)

    364 a year in premium with 150 excess + 450 (because im a noob rider under 25) i think she said if i had 2 years of riding experience this dissapears

    covers 2500 for the value of the bike (not bad for a 1993 60k km Kawi)

    covers 500 for helmet but thats about it dissapointing in this area i guess but hey premium is cheap, all other insurers were extremely expensive. and towing costs if bike cannot ridden home etc.

    i should read the PDS but i was also told as long as im doing my learning Legally (with a shadow/instructor) on the zzr250 they would still cover me.

    hope it helps someone looking for insurance... and if you don't have insurance please get some..... for the sake of others on the road

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    wow that sounds pretty good. I might have to give them a call.


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      seriously anyone new to the game check out aami, i have shocking history and everyone else was quoting $1600+, aami sqeezed me in at a meer $848. full comp on a brand new gt250r, covers $6500 and $2000 of gear and loads else plus car hire 14days and heaps. check it out for sure before you commit to anything. u have to call tho, no internet based for bikes.
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        Wow, thats pretty good scyt7e! When i got my Hyo GT240R (Also at age 21), i paid about $1000 insurance through Swann. Ended up changing to QBE who currently give me the best deal.


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          yeahh, was really happy with the quote, insuremyride was pretty good except if you read the PDS properly lol the inexperienced rider excess is.... 1500 :o:o:o

          that can pretty much buy my bike LOL

          swann not bad too i want to see if qbe can beat the quote will update monday i guess i think qbe doesnt open on the w/e


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            Yeah, but good luck going from a 250cc bike to a R class bike with RAC...

            Or was it under 25's with R class bikes? One or the two.


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              hmmm...i guess price is a major player here....

              but if you're getting comp insurance (as opposed to theft etc) i'd be interested to find out the conditions and procedure of the pay outs as well..just in case something happens..

              it's easy to say "aight mate, you're fully insured" and then say "sorry mate, that's not covered" or "it's gonna be 2 months before we'll process your case and pay you out"...

              my 2 cents..

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                The thing with insurance is, age, how much insurance you already have, and ya history.

                Shannons wouldn't insure me for my bike coz i haven't had a license for 1 year yet. But i have everything else insured with them (so much so that in the past i get a discount for having too many cars lol).

                So i went with Insuremyride, 25% discount for doing it online, same insurance provider as Shannons (which is AAMI i think) and it was only $280 a year, no gear cover tho and no special towing coz i don't feel i need those extras as yet.

                Be sure to read all PDS carefully tho, make sure what you're getting is what you want.
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                  the highest insurance quote for my VN250 was around $1400 and lowest is $490, it pays to shop around.

                  Mind you I got fed up with RAC prices and customer service for the 2 cars and finally switched over to Allianz..... and what do you know..... RAC are the ones with the cheapest insurance for the bike. Did not really want to sign up with them but hey if I can save up to $900, I can put up with some of the crappy customer service.


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                    i just started going thru quotes for my 93 el250, QBE have given me the best quote so far, $227 premium, for comprehensive, 500 excess. insuremyride and ebike both wanted around 600-700.


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                      Thats cheap, how old are you if you dont mind me asking


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                        Originally posted by lowkey View Post
                        Yeah, but good luck going from a 250cc bike to a R class bike with RAC...

                        Or was it under 25's with R class bikes? One or the two.
                        From memory RAC won't insure under 25s for greater than 650cc. Can't remember if there were any other restrictions.


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                          i just turned 25, and am on my L's with a stock el250, and insured for market value,(3300, i paid 1300 )

                          As for RAC, my dad has a Vulcan 1600 Nomad, and the RAC wont insure it, im pretty sure he is past 25, though he denys it sometimes. Everyone in my family uses QBE, cant find anyone cheaper


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                            gonna throw this one in, just for those who didnt kno already. any 2-stroke 250 road bike borne of racing pedigree (specifically RGV's, TZR's and NSR's - probably Appies too) will be refused full comprehensive by the big insurers from what i've tried

                            ignore what i wrote above. obviously got refused back in the day and maybe they're changing their requirements, but clearly some are able to get decent insurance at a decent price
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                              Firstly, I have no affiliatipon with any insurers.

                              I got back on the bike(s) after 15 years, so I may be a bit older and have insurance history etc, but I rang around to insure a 2006 CBF250 with 13000k's.

                              Quotes between $1200 and then got $4000 comprehensive cover (8000 k's a year) $1800 riding gear cover with QBE for under $200.

                              After 3 months riding the CBF, I upgraded to a 2007 ZZR250 and got cover for $5500 for not much over $200.

                              I do have full no claim bonus and held a license for some time, but it does pay to shop around.

                              And as a foot note, the 2006 CBF250 is for sale in the classified section.

                              Happy riding.