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    K2tec exhaust ,does any one here have experience with this system YAMAHA TZR250 Exhausts for sale
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    over 40 views and no replys??? any comments?? any one.


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      there not a well known brand so they musnt be too good, they are a "Antiquated" design.. straight headers went out in the 70's

      there are many good chambers out there..

      hope this helps
      viva la 2stroke.


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        hey mate i got a tzr also and am curently workin on an improvement for the stock pipes..i have found/read that on most acounts the stock pipes still work the best for street use, they are just heavy and poor ground clearence..that said i have just replaced the endcans on mine with a noticable difference in power.. i plan to also cut open and gut the insides of the actual chamber to remove any factory baffleing.. this can only im prove things again..
        those pipes with straight headers are a no go from everything we know about 2 stroke pipe tech to date, they have simply skimped out on make it cheaper to build..these look like an asthetic up grade not a performance one
        this is my pipes now
        P1000986.jpg picture by twinrock - Photobucket


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          what cans are those, and how do they sound, the stock pipes are just to quiet for me, more like a sewing machine than a sport bike!!


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            there prob tyga cans...

            RGV250 RG500 250cc two strokes parts - Yamaha

            they have some yamaha bits.. also have a look on the tyga webpage. you might find something..

            p.s if you was in the east, i know a bloke that makes his own pipes as long as he has a set to go from..
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            viva la 2stroke.


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              nah nothing that fancy... they are these
              TWO STROKE ALUMINUM END CAN RGV TZR 250 NSR 125 KR1S SL (eBay item 360347396921 end time 27-Mar-11 21:04:38 AEDST) : Cars, Bikes, Boats
              as far as sound goes..there is not a great amount of difference...maybe a lil deeper..but still quiet ..just goes to show just how baffeled tha actuall internals of the chambers are...!!!


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                maybe i'll have to just have a go with the jim lomas exhausts, i think they sound good????


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                  the pipes dont look that bad.
                  it isnt looks that we are after though....
                  I likw the nice curve of the header, not a pile of joins that dont flow...
                  price is right.