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fluttering rgv vj22

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  • fluttering rgv vj22

    hi just wandering if anyone has had problem with rgv fluttering when it hits powerband in in 3rd and 4th gear

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    Nah mines fine.

    But id be looking at float level, fuel filter/lines. it sounds like its getting enough fuel for the first few gears then leaning out once you get past 100kph.

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      fuel side of things seem to be fine


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        The powervalves could be out of adjustment and it may only be noticeable when you are in a higher gear because in lower gears you may pull straight through it fairly quickly.

        The air solenoids can also cause problems like this, but I think they would tend to do it in every gear.


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          Check your jetting. Mine was running rich and had a similar problem.


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            not sure if yours has the little fuel filter gause things in the caby inlet tubes.. my rs250 done the same thing, 1-2 was sweet. as i clicked 3rd and gave the right hand a turn it fluttered, wanted to die.. as i rolled off the throttle for a few seconds then got back on it, it was sweet.. scratched my head for a bit checked the jets then tinkered a bit more to find these little pricks tucked in the fuel line.. shazamm cleaned those out and went for a run.. ohhh yea all good now..
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