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vespa clutch prob

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  • vespa clutch prob

    hi i have a 1968 vespr 150cc sprint we have purchased a new motor with
    12v and runs real well but we cant get clutch to work it wont
    disengage when clutch leaver is pulled in we have tried adjustment
    didnt work we have replaced clutch the cover and the clutch arm still
    didnt work we have changed the little brass bit in side the cover
    still no joy i can ut it on the stand and go through all the gears but
    clutch just wont disengage to be able to select a gear when scooter is
    on the ground has any body come across this prob before as im at a
    loss now and ready to burn it (lol)
    all suggestions will be appreciated

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    the answer is in your question
    There are two questions in life.
    1:Which way do I go
    2:Whats the lap record.


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      Have you tried a scooter specific forum? Maybe and scooter-forums radio? You'll probably get a bit more sympathy and less wiseacreage there, especially with a vintage motor like yours. Do a google search for scooter or vespa forums.
      Originally posted by JIM.55
      knowlage dosnt always trumph


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        sounds like a problem with the clutch
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        1984 rz 500 original
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          Or try the scooter centre in bayswater although if its a Bali jobby he is likely to throw parts at you.
          Harvey community radio has a motorcycling show listen over the web here ,Facebook here yes I am the goose that hosts it.