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    hey im a new rider and am wondering how much harder is it to ride a 2 stroke compared to a 4 stroke, is it to difficult to do only after a few weeks on a 4 stroke?

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    It is a little bit, but you never know until you try.
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      Welcome. 35.2% harder. But worth it.
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        I'd say that for every day riding (a to b commuting stuff) there's not a great deal of difference until you start to get up it.

        4t might be a bit more forgiving when you make a mistake, as you won't be going into or out of corners as quickly, but then 2t's are a much lighter bike to manouver and much more fun in my opinion.

        I've got both and I really get a kick out of the 2t's and always come home wearing a sinister grin.

        In simple terms, the 4t's have more grunt down low and 2t's more towards the top.
        I hope this helps, it's hard to describe not knowing you or your riding experience or skil level.

        I agree with Barfridge though, just go and test ride a bunch of bikes before you make a decision.
        Good Luck either way, you'll enjoy riding both. Cause all Bikes are fun in one way or another.
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          Can u drive a manual car?
          If so a 2t is just like that.
          You have to use each gear, as they have a small operating rpm, to keep them boiling.


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            Basically with most 4t bikes you can still make good progress by keeping the revs in the "docile" range, and hauls ass when opened up. On a 2t the "docile" range has barely enough power to get you going, but hit the powerband and you'll be running like a raped ape.
            Remember this is comparing bikes of similar capacity.
            4t = more linear power delivery
            2t = very peaky power delivery

            Personally 2t is more fun, and I believe teaches you more abt clutch and throttle control than a 4t.


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              once bitting by the 2 stroke bug you always want more


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                i always find it a bit funny when pple say 2 strokes have nothing down low or barely enough to get u going....this is true and yet it isnt...
                it depends on a few factors..hugely on capacity as well as the type of aplication the engine is used...high performace small capacity 2 strokes are generally weak off the throttle as they are race bikes designed to be most usable at high cr80,125, rs 125 rs250 rgv250...i have found rz250 and tzr250 great bottom end responce it seems like alot less as powerband has soo much more .the rz350 has great off the throttle pull effortless even 2 a dt200/wr200 has great bottom end and ever ride a ktm300 or 250 single ..god damn bottom end will hurt u..!! but yes they all have a big burst of power the reason we love em, and keeping in that sensitive and twitchy powerband is art form..that im yet to perfect..2 strokes actually make more torque then thier 4 stoke counter parts...again as said b4 just ride alot of bikes and see what u concluson dont blame the type of engine when it may be the capacity...just my 2 cents worth