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Engine fuel starvation and stalling

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  • Engine fuel starvation and stalling

    Okay so the motor is out of a Tanaka whipper snipper and not a motorbike but all two stroke motors are based on the same principal.

    Basically what is happening is it will run for a little bit and then start loosing power as if it was being starved of fuel and then it would stall. What could be possible causes?

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    Pull the carby apart and give it a clean, if you are careful you wont need gaskets, crap builds up being the diaphragm that pumps the fuel around so it can run upside down.


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      Check the fuel line from the tank to the carby, the fuel lines are made from a material called Tygon and will harden and crack over time, a small air leak in the line and you will get exactly what you have described. Remedy, relace the fuel lines, and if you have any trouble getting the Tygon tube PM me as we have heaps here.
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        I have had a similar problem and it turned out to be carbon build up on the anti spark screen. Two strokes are reknowned for building carbon up in the exhaust port too. Another problem may be the low or high speed mixture. For a ballpark figure set them both to one and a half turns out. The motor should idle smoothly and accellerate cleanly with no hesitation up to full speed.
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          Thanks guys I'll give that a try and see how it goes.


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            how did you go mate
            get it sorted?
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              haha still haven't gotten around to it mate, been so busy with work lately I haven't been in the garage lately. Going get stuck into dropping the motor out of the R1 and stripping it down tonight so while I have my hands dirty I'll take a good look at it