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R6 with rz500 motor

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    Aprilia RS125 with a CR500 motor would be nice.

    and yeah, the NSR250 motor is a piece of cake to get an extra 15-20 hp out of if its an earlier model. wire snip and not much else (from memory maybe jetting? forget, has the details) will get you 60hp at the wheel.... still want one but they're so much rarer than RGVs
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      Originally posted by shoom View Post
      I like the Barry Sheene inspired RGV! I was always thinking an RVF400 with all of it's lightness and modern handling and styling graces would be a good platform for a 2 stroke in modern frame project. By the way, out of the RGV, KR1, NSR or TZR 250, which engine has the most potential for horsepower increase?
      Why bother when you get a frame for nothing with a NSR/RGV/KR-1/TZR
      RGV is the easiest to get HP out of with bolt on stuff you go to 65HP, NSR has difficult to rebuild cranks but a ideal 54 X54.5mm format, TZR 3XV is the prettiest which leaves the humble KR-1, with parallel twin and a balance shaft has the most potential for HP. really good grunter engine. Crank is the weak point but can be fixed. Think a reliable 70HP at the wheel would be doable with a 11,500 peak


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        geez you're right - i'd always thought the nsr had the same 56x50.6 bore and stroke as the rest of them.
        i have to have one...
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          Originally posted by Sharky View Post
          Interesting to say the least.... I don't think I like it...
          So it's art that's made to make you think

          Originally posted by Sharky View Post
          What modern frame would you like to see with a 2T motor?
          Your RS125. Or my RS250.

          Originally posted by Sharky View Post
          I'd love to see the rsv4 with a 2t motor, 4x carbon end cans, 2 underseat and two either side :-)
          6 exhausts? I'm glad you work with numbers hehehe.

          ...You're going to punch me on Tuesday aren't you? :mellow:
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            �� Ouch.