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  • 500 rebuild info help

    Hi, my RG's been in storage for some time & now wanting to get it
    running for summer. I'm looking for info on parts as I havnt
    bought anything for it for near on a decade so out of the loop a bit.

    Need a pair of cranks rebuilt, can anyone recommend someone in Perth?
    so will require seals & bearings, is there non genuine options available or best to stick with genuine?

    Will need some pistons too, is there a non gen option?

    Seen rebuild gasket kits on ebay, are these OK?

    I'm not chasing the cheaper alternative, just needing your opinions on what works & who best to talk to.

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    Mmmmmmmmmm How much coin u wanna spend as cranks can get to 2g for rebuld and if build it with crapbay parts what happens when she handgarnades cabooooommmm
    do you think i lack self discipline


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      do you have the motor apart already? you'll need to know what spec your bores at at and going to need to be before you even start looking, first oversize, second ? 12 years ago there was no genuine oversize pistons around, only some std bore jobbies ( or so i was told by a couple of sources, apparently the formula 500 guys cleaned them out ) Wossner, Wiseco and Pro-X used to do them but i m not sure now, there are oversize bore kits out of the states that take it out to around 570cc, which might be your best bet, but reliability a question and once your out there thats it and theres no where left to go. there may be guys around more in touch with it all now but i think decent pistons are an issue.

      if your feeling very, very, very brave you could put these in there, i wouldn't ...
      Suzuki RG500 Piston 1 0mm Oversize Sets OF Four | eBay

      there are non genuine seals kits out there for the complete motor, same for bearings, rebuild 2 cranks properly? don't know but its going to cost you a freaken bomb.

      from memory the crank, conrod, big and small end bearings, gudgeon pins and circlips were the same as RG400, i still have parts listings somewhere..... i used to have a guy in Japan called Hiroshi who had a motorcycle garage i could get RG400 parts from but that was a long time ago
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        Gaskets - I reckon Athena make quality gear:

        P J Motorcycle Engineers LTD Suzuki RG500 Bottom End Engine Parts

        Bearings - take your existing ones to this guy and he'll sort you out with quality replacements:

        Pistons - No idea. Actually [MENTION=24290]oiler[/MENTION] and [MENTION=5853]Jamathi[/MENTION] are the go-to guys for spending time and money on these
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          Can only recommend these guys in the UK... RG500 try Stan Stephens Tuning

          Jamathi might have a local guy



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            Prox racing pistons link: Suzuki RG500 RG400


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              Give Ray Eason a call on 9272 8466


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                good luck buddy i hear these things are hell expensive to rebuild

                thats why i stick to 2 cylinders so half the price

                maybe wheel it down on the 10th november for the display


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                  For crank work and piston choice - Ray Eason from Beechboro.
                  For parts just PM me for further info.

                  From this to

                  You sadly need thi$$$ and knowledge to put it together correctly. Good luck
                  after the engine there is

                  this stage to get to while your painter works wonders on the plastic parts and fuel tank bits.
                  hopefully your bike is complete otherwise you will have some searching for parts to do! All good fun
                  It has been done before and can be done again, enjoy the time you are doing this
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                    Thanx for the replys & links, I'll go thru them later.

                    Ha, you mighten want mine parked near ya's, its pretty average. Both mine
                    were complete but sad when I picked up 1 after the other in 2000/1. Dont have
                    full set of panels since an errant driver in a EL thought his mobile call was more important
                    than the stop sign. Totaled the tank, panels, forks/clamps front pipes etc. I just ride it
                    regardless, missing belly pan, crap paint, dont even have matching mirrors.

                    Found the receipts from 01 when I rebuilt it & looks like the pistons are 050 OS going
                    by the Suzi part numbers.

                    Rang Easson's, looking at $250 labour per twin crankshaft, so $500 total.

                    Rang Suzuki & waiting on them seeing whats still available on my list.

                    Cheers for the offer Jamathi, I'll get this info of Suzi & be in touch.


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                      Found more bits of paper & scibbles.
                      Whats the min compression limit on these?
                      Tested it before pulling the engine out, I got 3 at 95-100PSI & 1 at 90-95PSI.
                      Think there was less than 4000ks on it.


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                        dry/cold or with a running beforehand?


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                          Originally posted by HM31A View Post
                          Found more bits of paper & scibbles.
                          Whats the min compression limit on these?
                          Tested it before pulling the engine out, I got 3 at 95-100PSI & 1 at 90-95PSI.
                          Think there was less than 4000ks on it.
                          thats not the best but at 4000km i could not have been run in yet

                          with those kms what makes you think it needs a rebuild - or you one of those that like to spend money


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                            Originally posted by AAA Super Roo Charters View Post
                            or you one of those that like to spend money
                            If I had a million dollars I'd spend half of it on bikes and women, then waste the rest

                            Am I wrong in thinking that, if you're rebuilding the bottom end, you don't want to skimp on a suspect top end that you think maybe could have possibly been done 4,000km ago if you remember correctly?
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                            1985 GSXR750 "Slabbie"


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                              Just waiting on Suzi emailing a price list.

                              Had definately done less than 4K, wrote the mileage down.
                              Luv spending money, just havnt got enough & having a week that everything turns to crap
                              & is expensive to fix.

                              Was a running bike, only pulled the engine 5 or 6 years ago as I became a carer & needed to be around so
                              removed the temptation. So has been sitting so long that I'm not confident on the crank seal condition.

                              Comp test was done dry but cant remember if hot or cold.

                              Not saying I'm saving the top end, just found the comp test but no spec in the manual.