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  • Exhaust blasting & re-spray ...


    Looking for recommendations NOR where I can get exhausts which have mild surface rust blasted and re-sprayed (matt black to retain original look - RG500).

    Any suggestions ?

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    I'm also looking for someone who can restore an exhaust. My Duc has had someone buff it a bit and then they obviously decided it was a bad idea.


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      Competition and Industrial Coatings in Welshpool.

      The two owners are bike nuts, hence all the bike pics and MAD appreciation letters in their front reception.
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        There are probably a few things you'd be able to do, depending upon what sort of longevity/result you're after.

        Competition Industrial Coatings are a good, however their speciality is applying a ceramic finish to the headers of 4 strokes and doesn't leave you with a factory finish. There have also been several threads where the dynamics of the pipe and therefore engine are changed, due to the way the pipe deals with heat. I'm no expert, just relaying what I've read. I've used them, if that's what you're after then you won't be disappointed.

        You could use a sandblaster such as Blast West in Malaga (Blast West). I mention them because they did the alloy rims for my Aprilia RS250 and were so good they actually left the machining marks from the factory - pretty bloody delicate! Before you did that I'd recommend doing everything you can to burn out and clean everything from the inside of the pipes, then apply some Ran-ex (rust converter) afterwards. This way you'd end up with some clean pipes.

        If you wanted to take it a step further, maybe consider taking them to an Electroplating company - there's a few in Osborne Park. They can acid-dip them to strip everything inside and out, they'd even be able to zinc-passivate them to make sure they don't rust in future. That comes out matt black and wouldn't affect the thermal properties of the pipe like ceramic would.

        Just some thoughts and options
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          bbq paint does a good job


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            Unless you're after mega-perfection a wire wheel (or if it's really bad a sandpaper flap disc) affixed to a grinder + a decent high temp rattlecan is what I would do.

            Originally posted by Aufitt
            Try Para045, he definitely sounds all gooey in the fork for ya