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  • RG500 on Gumtree

    Thoughts anyone...what are they worth now ? Suzuki RG500 1985 blue / white | Motorcycles | Gumtree Australia Bayside Area - Hampton | 1029652994

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    Looks tidy...I thinks it's worth as much as you are prepared to pay for it. Calling [MENTION=5853]Jamathi[/MENTION]
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      well, yeh, nah, maybe, its in the ballpark i guess, its in nice condition and hes certainly looked after it, and done some k's on it, i respect that.

      "66570km. Light hone and new rings at 40k."

      hmmmm that might trip it up a bit, you'd want receipts for other work and its due for a rebore and what about the bottom end, when that get some love?

      for that sort of coin and kms you'd want receipts, and lots of em
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        How much will I get for a Kidney......I can live with One......Right, Yes
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          Well well.. it's more what someone is willing pay for it.
          Someone who wants to restore it is in for a lot of coin so may not be the highest bidder for the bike.. The winner is likely to be someone who wants to ride it as it is... Perhaps around 16k will pull it up for a ride away... Most resto buyers will need 5-10k for the resto.. That puts is around 25 ish so just doesn't work for my maths... It does have history and aus compliance... and 60,000km on it...

          Hope it comes to WA.. We need more of them..




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            I actually have donated a kidney to my Minister for Finance.
            It's one thing to put a price on it, another to collect.
            Would sell every bike I own to keep her, but I've got a keeper.
            And already own most of the bikes I've ever wanted.
            Still a couple on the list, but they'll come in time.
            Wouldn't have them without her.
            Just saying, some are worth more than gold and bikes come and bikes go.
            Keep what makes you happy, get rid of what doesn't.
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