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Kِnig 500 GP - Outboard-Powered Underdog

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  • Kِnig 500 GP - Outboard-Powered Underdog

    WOW .... another kiwi that did stupendous things on and with a motorcycle
    There must be something in the water over there

    OddBike: Kِnig 500 GP - Outboard-Powered Underdog
    It's better to be thought stupid than open your mouth and remove all doubt

    Pure speed in sixth gear on a 5,000 foot straightaway is one thing, but pure speed in third gear on a gravel-strewn, downhill, ess turn is quite another.
    Hunter S. Thompson

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    There is a DVD out regarding Kym Newcombe his career and life ;" Love Speed & Loss", Duke DMDVD 1824, 2006, Highly recommended

    Couple of years ago @ Vreewijk reunion meeting.
    This the bike mentioned in the IOMTT. and was used for his son's memorial ride @ Francochamps.
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      Here is the video great story

      Love, Speed and Loss - Television | NZ On Screen


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        A tragedy on so many levels is Kim Newcombe's story. Rod Tingate still has Kim's Konig, he only just started taking about it again.


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          That was a great video of a very sad story. Thanks for putting it up.