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nsr mc21 wheels on an rgv 250

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  • nsr mc21 wheels on an rgv 250

    hey guys just wondering if nsr mc21 wheels will fit on an vj22 rgv 250,any info will be very helpful.

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    No one has answered, so... I think (from memory and the garage isnt close by) the axle sizes (maybe just the front?) on the MC21 wheels are larger than the RGV which means you would either need to find bearings that fitted between the axle and the wheel well, or sleeve the axle. So its possible, and better than them being too small, but not an easy fit. Of course once youve fixed that issue you will need to check the sprocket lines up and that the disks are in the right place as well... could be an easy fit, but I'm well enough versed in converting bikes to know its probably not :/

    if anyone has an Enkei 6 spoke front wheel from a Honda of this era or a cush drive for the rear, do let me know, I am going to use these wheels on a project as well.
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      I have a mate who knows all about RGV 250's and has one. He said "No.. they won't". Sorry he didn't elaborate on why.
      I don;t know if this is helpfull or not
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        thanks for the help guys