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R/H Fairing for RZ500

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  • R/H Fairing for RZ500

    Hi,still not enough posts to put up an ad! I have just bought an Australian RZ500 to restore and the R/H main fairing panel
    is a fibreglass aftermarket one.I was just asking if anyone had a spare genuine one for sale locally,condition not
    too important as hopefully 'potato' can fixit!.The L/H one is black inside,I see some of them are white.
    There are a couple on ebay but getting it to Perth in one piece worries me!

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    just dribble in other peoples threads will get your post boosting up

    how did you think they get there thousands of postup

    dont know where a panel is but is it the middle section or bottom section/pan

    also if you find a engine along your travels please let us know


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      Originally posted by tarjla View Post
      There are a couple on ebay but getting it to Perth in one piece worries me!
      I wouldn't be overly concerned about the postage of panels. Pay using PayPal, pay for sign on delivery mail, and if it arrives in a condition that isn't as described then you can always claim your money back through PayPal.
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        I know where there is an engine (seized) and possibly a panel too . Will check the shed tonight and send out some PMs based on what I find.


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          The panel i need is the "middle"R/H one that attaches to the headlamp cowl and the bottom V panel,cheers


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            If you get stuck. Fastline Motorcycles in the UK just supplied me some RZ350 N2 side panels.
            Ask for Fallon, she helped me out finding the parts and then shopped around for the best freight cost (went with DL).
            Parts where priced fairly, freight was obviously expensive, but they where in my hands in Broome with in 48hrs of being collected.
            That sort of delivery time with in Aus is unheard of.
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