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1976 RD250 ignition problems

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  • 1976 RD250 ignition problems

    I have found myself out of my depths in a big way.
    I recently bought a 76 RD250 which had not run in quite some time and had no spark, after many long nights of head scratching I have been able to figure out that at some point in its past someone has transplanted a CDI ignition system out of a 1980s RD into it. Does anyone know if this was a common upgrade or even a viable upgrade for the 70s RDs?

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      Firstly I'm no expert but should be fine depending on the magneto/cdi/coil combo is all compatible...assuming its a 2K or higher (4k) magneto this should provide enough grunt at least to run, Y4 for lights ect...check your ohms resistance (not running) on magneto to make sure pick up is ok and cdi/coil resistances to make sure its ok too...from there timing and a pulse is running to coil. If no go at all replace with a 2k (or higher) from just about any 2t dirtbike and repeat process. note I have not done this on RD but have done on RGs, PEs and multiple early SEM ignition type ktms. its only a matter of timing a pulse to fire the coil at the correct moment. feel free to pm me and ill shoot a general step by step and some links of stuff i found helpful when i did the swaps