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  • 1975 rd350

    I recently picked up a 1975 rd350 unlicenced it's pretty clean and I'm guessing someone spent some money on it and let it sit (new tyres with perished sides). Airbox has been removed and has rear sets and expansion pipes.

    I re-packed the pipes and have taken it for a decent ride on a permit it's running pretty rough and has some oil coming from the right header pipe its also idling high or racing. I can rebuild the carbs and re-set the points but being relatively clueless when it comes to 2 strokes and reading horror stories about seized engines due to faulty oil pumps or not being tuned correctly yada yada yada I wanted to find a good two stroke mechanic NOR to give it a thorough check over and service, points, carbs, oil pump, oils etc. there's No point me getting carried away if it needs a re-build.

    I'm comfortable in keeping it maintained but just for peace of mind it would be good to get the all clear from someone in the know.

    any help is much appreciated. I will post up some pics soon.

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    There are a few two stroke gurus on PSB.Also a few of us get out on the strokers quite often.


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      Motomax in Osborne Park, Ric has raced & ridden many a 2 stroke .. tho prob not many of this vintage.

      Cut my teeth on these bikes, one of the models that made Yamaha a great rep.
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        murray West does alot of work on RD's for road & track in wangara


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          Yeah I see a few 2 strokes popping up on Gumtree from motomax.

          Hey Hillz I will get in contact with Murray and go from there. Cheers for the recommendation.


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            +1 for Ric @ Motomax. He has worked on my T250 which is there on consignment atm.


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              Derek Ball,he is a mobile bike mechanic,lives in Quinns,pm me if you need his number,cheers


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                Murray West in Wangara has been awesome. I really recommend him to anyone who needs work done on there bikes. Very helpful and easy to deal with.
                He rebuilt & synchronized the carbs serviced it and even took it around the corner for the first inspection.

                Has a few faults the major one being its an import so I have to get the vehicle import approval which shouldn't be a big issue.It also need permits for the expansion chambers and rear-sets.

                Am I better off getting the engineers approval or just trying to find cheap second hand original parts to get it over the inspection ? Does anyone have any contacts for approved engineering signatories around the Yokine area I have 30 days to do the work.



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                  if he said the bike is an import how did they come to that conclusion

                  with the engineers approval what did he mean by that you just need it adr checked

                  when it comes to licencing do you need import approval papers to prove its been imported in the country legally?


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                    Sorry I'm not 100% sure what your asking. It needs approved permits because of the aftermarket expansion chambers & rear-sets as they didn't come stock with the bike.

                    Yeah they require a copy of the import approval papers to show that its been imported legally.


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                      Why do the pipes need an engineering certificate? They either meet noise and emissions regulations or they don't. Or is it that the onus is on the owner to pay an engineer to check and report on those things these days?

                      Wonder if there's anyone willing to loan/rent you stock items for the day. Just mind your jetting if you do change the pipes.
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                        Originally posted by RDTB View Post

                        Yeah they require a copy of the import approval papers to show that its been imported legally.
                        do u have them


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                          Not at the moment they are getting posted out from the imports gov. Im not too worried about the import approvals its just the permits for exhaust and rear-sets. Its not a massive job to put the stock gear back on but I have to find it buy it and because of the rear sets linkages I will have to get the rear brake pedal and stock brake lights actuator do the wiring and then change the jetting to suit stock pipes so its a bit of work there when I will just change it all back when I get it licensed.

                          So does anyone have the contact for engineering sign off or should I start looking on ebay for the stock gear ?


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                            What do the engineers have to sign off?

                            Structural integrity?

                            Depends upon the requirements.
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                              Im guessing they would need to comply to noise, emissions & be structurally fit for purpose.

                              Faults found at initial inspection below.

                              rear footrest-none
                              front footrest- no modification permit
                              exhaust- no modification permit