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Clear oil tubing for rgv, rs250

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  • Clear oil tubing for rgv, rs250

    Anyone have some spare? 2mm ID I think. I need less than a metre but it's silly expensive unless u buy heaps.

    Or should I steer clear? I only want it coz it looks trick

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    Have you tried a lawn mower shop. Some carry the Tygon stuff.
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      Generally the Tygon is fuel I think... Mower shops do the smaller ID Tygon hoses an and I couldn't get what I needed when looking in them myself recently.
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        I use Honda Shop for Tygon-- suits ULP and E10 Is fine for 2 stroke....Yet depends on the application....inside motor nup. oem lines only

        generally any small engine seller will have Tygon hose....yeh it costs a bit... can/should be able to get 100mm To 5m as reqd.... ring around..or google that shit.:-)
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          Try this mob below, or your local hobby shop for some fuel hose to suit nitro R/C cars.. that's what I've used and it works fine.


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            Tygon do a range of different resistance tubes, so can get them resistant to oil, petrol, diesel, brake fluid, acids, food grade etc...

            I ended up buying a variety for the bikes, and have installed some for the oil feed lines in my old RG250.
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              There's also one in 2mm ID, I know, as I ordered some. Seems to be decent stuff.

              Also this in 2mm ID :

              Just make sure you measure the nipple it is to go on properly, you want a tight fit that won't blow off. And you will probably need to find a worm drive clamp for rego in some cases, the loop type squeeze-to-remove like alot of OEM car radiator hoses come like aren't going to cut it.
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