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  • RD350 upgrades and parts for sale


    I have recently acquired a 1973 RD350A from a mates shed - for nix!
    OK that's the good news,

    After a bit of mucking around and trying to see what exactly I had I discovered that it had classic 'RD350 rot' a hole the size of a 20c coin in one piston (one hot plug - you fools!), so, a total strip-down followed (not too hard on these motors) new pistons were ordered and a big clean-up followed, crank bearings were a bit rough initially but after a few petrol baths things seem to have come quite good. small ends are looking good.

    I have now deglazed the bores and cleaned-up the ports, (after rebuilding the bottom-end and checking that 6th gear was not blanked-off) restored the barrels and heads, fitted the pistons, barrels and heads.

    I began panel and painting all the tank and panels etc as I was going to do a resto on it but thinking back to my youth when I had one of these I had a Honda 400/4 tank, a kwaka KH250 tail unit, a honda headlight, alloy rims, clip-ons and rear-sets, all-speed chambers, bell-mouths and a fibreglass front guard with the whole thing painted (by my mate) mirror-flake black.
    Hmm, things being what they are in my workshop I started looking around at what was available for some mods to the suspension and the electrics -found a complete USD front-end with wheel, twin-discs, 2 pot calipers (good start) found a matching rear wheel and box-section swinging arm (just needs shoe-horning in) next will be solid state electrics, led headlight/tail-light and then some styling.........

    To the purists out there - Sorry, but this isn't about you - it's about me, it's also not about what it is worth restored - it's what it is worth to me in terms of fun.

    If there is anyone alive out there who has any info or advice (or parts) about these 2-stroke air-cooled megga fun machines please let me know as I am chasing some fun again in my older age!
    I am definitely chasing a 2-stroke oil-pump if there are any about
    Top-ends - always handy
    Expansion chambers - good ones - anyone?

    cheers - Keith

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    You may find that there is some people with info/spares etc within the HCMC.

    I know of at least one member who has a very soft spot for these bikes...their next race meeting is next month, due to track work being done at Collie, and it may be worth your while to have a drive, watch some racing and talk bikes with a couple of the riders.
    All I've got and more for #294...RIP Chris Adley
    #158...RIP James Thompson

    Originally posted by Ryanoceros
    Wooohoo !! Fucking 10/10 ride. Cheers for that Aari, you really conditioned my sphincter


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      Try Perth 2 strokes on Facebook.


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        Cheers, will-do

        - - - Updated - - -

        Thanks, I will have a look