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TZR problems starting

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  • TZR problems starting

    Just a call for ideas as to whats up with my baby.

    When she is cold it takes about 30 kicks at the kickstart to kick over, but once its started it goes fine and starts first shot everytime.

    I did tighten up the sparkgap to 30 thou as that was what i found in a manual on the net, they were wider then that before. I have widened it back to 50 though but it hasnt helped. You reckon that could be the problem? just have to widen it more?

    Any suggestions welcome cause it is caning my leg and rather embarressing.

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    u using the choke?



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      It's got a specified plug gap for a reason... You want good quality plugs as this will make a difference, as well as the correct heat rating.

      also check there is no blockage in the fuel lines etc... The carbies may evaporate some fuel over some hours and not fill up until you 'suck' more in by kicking it over... Sounds like a fuel issue to me, but I havn't had a great deal to do with 2 strokes...
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        Sounds like an ignition issue to me, are the plugs gapped correctly?
        Are you pulling out the plugs to find them fouling?
        If they're fouling and you're using the recommended warmer heat range (before piston meltdown)
        Could be that you need to alter the jetting accordingly too. Perhaps too much oil is being fed.
        But *generally* stock jets are the best.


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          i have an rz250, and at times it's been really hard to start.
          two strokes are simple.
          it's either fuel, spark or compression.
          i would begin by checking the spark (take one plug out, sit it on the head, and kick it over. the spark should be thick and blue. if it's not then u might need new plugs, or new coils.)
          my best guess failing that, would be dirty carbs.
          mine were, and i have heaps of problems.
          took them out and found the main jet, and the pilot jet were fouled.
          now it starts first kick with my hand.
          check the carbs, and use the choke.
          put clear fuel lines (from a go-cart shop) on, to help u make sure fuel is going to both carbs.

          also....check that all the electrical grounds are connected well, on my old KX80 i had starting problems and the bike would die when turning left!
          turned out the coil (or one of the electrical components) that was earthed to a bracket on the frame, had broken off. when u lean it left (turning, or kicking it over) the thing would hang away from the frame....and i'd get no spark.
          hope this helps.
          also, very unlikely, but u could perhaps have a faulty run/kill switch
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