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  • Next 2 Stroke Day

    So when and where are we having it? Throw some days and locations up.

    Originally posted by Jamathi View Post
    Looks like a 2 stroke learners mechanical class could be popular.
    Maybe we should work towards getting one going as to pass on the knowledge that is here on this forum.
    What do we think?
    Originally posted by Kneedown View Post
    excellent idea! In
    Originally posted by doriae86 View Post
    also interested in the 2 stroke 101

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    I'm definitely interested, depending on date and location
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      I'm in if I am free on the day that is chosen.

      I live in East Vic Park and have a good collection of tools, so my place could be a possibility. I would have to check with the other occupants first though.


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        Well, happy to offer up the use of my place in bassendean.

        Has a half decent carport/patio area that is capable of accomodating a few people and bikes. Certainly not up to the standard of few of the workshops I have seen on here in the past.

        Also, I really only have basic tools, anything specialized people would have to bring along.


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          I'm prepared to host it at my place/workshop.


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            I guess tool requirements will depend on what's being demo'd? Are we talking top end rebuild...or how to find your 2T oil tank or something in between??

            Some time in the next few weeks would be nice.

            I have a spare set of carbies that I can bring along for a carbie service demo...if that's on the agenda.

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              Originally posted by rgvlee View Post
              I'm prepared to host it at my place/workshop operating theatre.


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                definitely in if time and date allows..

                thanks for organising this guys..


                Originally posted by HotelBushranger
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                  Also, happy to make myself available whenever.


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                    Depends what needs to be done?

                    I would suggest, that if we are doing someones top end then it gets done at their house, as they can take a while.


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                      For me, I'm just wanting to learn the basics about keeping my bike in decent running order. Changing plugs/fluids etc is all ok but admit to being a bit lost with adjusting/cleaning carbs & power vavles etc


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                        im planning a top end rebuild, i think realistically looking at going together no earlier than 2-3 months from now
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                          i have an RGV and a top end rebuild kit i need to put through it...would love to get this done with some help...have a pretty good selection of tools and work benches...

                          Any sunday in August would suit me, im located near the train station at a bit of a ride for most...but its up the coast so not all bad!


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                            keen to come along any gather some more knowledge even if i dont have a smoker anymore.
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                              Looks like a gooer good to see.
                              I will not be in Perth till 22-8 sadly
                              carry on with spreading the Do NOT Quitt smoking message!!