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rz350 clip on question

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  • rz350 clip on question

    I have an 83' frame and forks etc and am not sure what clip ons can work,
    the top of the forks are 35mm and then taper in to 33mm about 10mm below the yolk(not really enough room to clamp bars on). So do you go 33mm clip ons and have really low bars? i dont want to lower the front end so as to put the clip ons on top cause its gonna start getting to twitchy, so any recomendation would be great!

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    drag bars instead of clipons?
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      Undo the forks slip them down so anopening is there to insert the clip ons and push the forks back up and fasten them to the right torque setting


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        Late, but could of course get some 35mm od 1mm wall ali tube and cut sections the width of the clipon brackets, split them length wise with a hacksaw and slip these sleeves on the start of the 33mm section for any old 35mm's to clamp on...

        Or like me use thicker ali tube stock and get the more common 41mm clipons.