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  • Project ideas version4

    An old engine out of a GT550 went past my nose today and got me interested in the 3 cylinder beasts.
    Internet shows that were popular for for a while....
    Anyone know much on them.... Got one in the shed rusting away waiting for me to rebuild it?
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    also came in a 380cc version.
    Still got the front wheel with drumbrake in it?
    Suzuki made the 3 cilinders and also the 2 cilinder T500 in a lowish power output kinda way.
    They do not have a real 2 stroke powerband but more just get there.
    What 'killed' these was the ignition point system as it made plenty of holes in pistons due to mis adjustment
    also no ground clearance due to the pipes underneath these things.
    Could not compete with the RD400 's from Yamaha.