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Anyone know much about kawasaki KR1's?

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  • Anyone know much about kawasaki KR1's?

    This was one of the first bikes I really took a fancy to all those years ago now I am thinking about doing a resto on one.

    What I want to know is;
    What to look for...what would be acceptable and not
    availability of bits
    Anything else of interest

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    I had a Kr-1, awesome fun!

    Think Arwon has a KR-1S, could help out with parts etc etc...


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      Yea, arwon, wigarus, rgvlee/heidi, jamathi (probably), footer are a few off the top of my head.

      hmm owned by mechanical types those bikes are they?? The new ducati??
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        finding a complete one will be the biggest issue

        pretty common electrical problems, stator, reg/rect, tend to blow a lot of the electrical system

        a lot of parts are no longer available

        kr-1s is the one to get if you can

        not a huge aftermarket for them but a few bits and bobs are now starting to pop up