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  • Powervalue drain

    Quick question, the day before i flew out.. i took my bike for 2 little rides.. after both times there seemed to be a few drips of very dark staining oil. dripping down what seemed to be the inside of the fairings.. right ride of bike when sitting on it.

    Didn't get time to take the fairing off as i had to fly out, planning on taking them off as soon as i get back to Perth.

    I checked the oil reservoir it didn't seem to be leaking anything over night. the drips didn't seem to continue either just the initial ones after each ride.

    Do you think it could be the power value drain bottle overfilled and leaking out?

    How often do they normally need to be drained so i can keep an eye on it in future?

    And yes i do realise i wrote powervalue instead of Power valve before desmo sparks in!
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    Yeah mate you have to empty them or the shit just overflows into your fairings, I wouldnt know how often didnt get too ride mine long enough to get too know it lol...
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      more likley your exhaust gaskets...


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        ^^ whs

        exhaust gaskets are a bit of a pain in the arse to get to seal properly...
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          Just saw this thread. The drain bottle had a 4mm hole on it so if the level starts getting high you'll need to empty it out.

          Re: exhaust leaks, in that bag I gave you with bits, there are some brand new exhaust o-rings that I hadn't had a chance to fit. They will sort out any exhaust leaks and make a tight seal when fitted correctly. They are viton hi temp items with precise diameters to suit those pipes. Let me know if u need a hand fitting them.
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            Cheers druu. its nice when you buy a bike with a support hotline haha =)

            fairings will be coming off tomorrow when i fly back in to check the bottle / gaskets.