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EoI - Smoker Run! 12th or 13th of September.

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  • EoI - Smoker Run! 12th or 13th of September.

    So was thinking of trying to get a smokers run together for a run on either
    the 12th or 13th of this month.

    Alas i am having a knee reconstruction on the 17th of september so would love to get out on one and meet some of you guys.

    Please post if you are interested and the date best suited and we will see what we can't get happening.

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    Maxim. FYI, the MAD ride is on the 13th... You heading out for it? i'm guessing that most people will be there...
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      Hmm i guess i will be. well the 12th then if anyone is keen. looks like i have rides to go to. 13th, 14th and 15th now lol. lets see if we cant make it 4 in a row!


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        Pending return of my smoker, tentative yes
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          why dont you join me for a run to the bike show?
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            Sounds good. bike show it is lol