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  • Bell - Two Stroke Performance Tuning

    Graham Bells two stroke performance tuning book is regarded as a must have for the two stroke enthusiast.

    It's a book I have wanted to pick up for a while, I've read parts of it but never got around to owning it.

    I picked up a copy today from Pitstop. They have it on special for $40, they have about a half dozen copies down there.

    Two Stroke Performance Tuning (Second Edition)

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    I bought this about 12 months ago from there. Its a pretty good book. I bought Motorcycle Tuning: Two-Stroke by John Robinson at the same time and found Bells book a lot easier to read.


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      here i paid full price like a sucker... it's been a while, so probably a good idea to have another read through it
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        Both books are great.
        John Robinson was an absolute genius in terms of motorcycle engineering and new exactly of what he wrote.
        Before his death in 2001 JR was working on Project Lionheart and I read it with interest as he was backing himself and his ability to engineer and construct his own British made 500cc 2 stroke to compete in the premiere 500cc class. What made it special in terms of his engineering nous was that it was being built in his back shed.
        RIP JR